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The faint blaze of the candle of my life,
slowly dying like a fire in a pouring rain.
No sparks of hope inside,
no shooting stars on my sky.
On broken wings, no flying high...

Another night, another demise,
Cadaverous wind blowing cold as ice...
I'll let the wind blow out the light
cause its gets more painful every time I die.

Out of strength to fight.
I cannot take another night.
I cannot take it no more.
Lust of light slips through my fingers
like blood on my arms.
Black candle wax has buried me...

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Another night, another demise,
Cadaverous wind blowing cold as ice...
I'll let the wind blow out the light
cause its gets more painful every time I die.

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Children of Bodom ...is the best I ever listen or seen in death metal band...!! | Reviewer: Travis | 3/31/13

U used to listened death metal....but if u don't used to listen children of Bodom ...your insane...its meanigless....METAL ..u like a hurricane,and listen Children Of Bodom ...!!

Holy... | Reviewer: Ashib | 2/14/11

This is the first Children Of Bodom I've ever listened to and guess what? I was exhalterated. This song's riff, base and everything else is so... perfect! Being a die-hard melodic death metal, I say that CoB is definitely one of the best and everytime I die is one of the best songs. CoB FTW!!!!!

so melodic, so haunting, so... beautiful. | Reviewer: zumer7 | 1/9/11

alexi laiho is one of my favorite guitarists. He is also good in the respect that he just screws off with cool sounds to make shit like this. this is a great song, and when I can growl and scream and play like him, hell will freeze over. I can still try though.

Children Of Bodom rocks, and that is my general oppinion. They are the shit, and I hope their next album will be just as good as follow the reaper and are you dead yet.

...wow | Reviewer: Pouya | 6/27/10

C.O.B. kicked my ass off with this song,I've never enjoyed Death Metal like this,and as others have said too,this is not for -let's not say rich 17 year old white girls,I'm a 16 year old guy myself!-let's say,not caring, ultra-cheerful people,btw I listen to Tokio Hotel,Paramore,Mayday Parade,MCR,etc.along more serious music like COB,Nightwish,Epica,etc. and even some classical music like Beethoven. They're all music, don't blame eachother,nobody will be harmed by a kind of music!

thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/10

@ yepp, i completely agree with you, this type of music isn't pop written to entertain 17 year old rich white girls, which is all you have to do to be a pop star today. When discussing music as complex as this, it requires that you have some musical knowledge first. Like them or not, you can still respect their talented musicians. and @ anchit, this band has genius chord progessions, and lead passages. i have no idea what you're talking about

COB fucks 'em all | Reviewer: Zahra | 1/7/10

When I first heard this song, I was completely blown away. The melodies are amazing, and who cares if Alexi shrieks rather than sing..this ain't no stupid Jonas Brothers song lol. COB are damn good, fuck those who say otherwise.

Respect, but pass | Reviewer: Nebojsa | 12/29/09

I would agree that Everytime I die is one of their best songs... But I just can't agree on the best death metal band... Reason is that they are more of a trash-death combination, and if you want something that sounds evil, try listening to Slayer... I would agree that vocals aren't impressive, but the so called "noise" is pretty good. I usually don't like this kind of songs, without actual meaning, but i made exception with this one... Call me a bit*h, boys, but I just don't see them as a great band...

Will u deny Children of bodom as the best death metal band? | Reviewer: Abdullah | 12/24/09

Yo man! Call CHILDREN OF BODOM the BOSS BAND! They r the best death metal band i have ever seen. And Everytimes i die is their best creation. Its music is excellent, never the less lyrics too. Alexi's voice is perfect for this song. About the band i want to say that its the symbol of MODERN band.

Evey time I die, Children of Bodom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/09

This song is awesome and the lyrics on this page are 100% accurate unless my ears decieve me lol. To all that support C.O.B keep rocking and fuck what people say if they dont like C.O.B, they can simply not listen to them or view their vids. Your opinions mean jack shit to us C.O.B fans. Keep them to yourself.

cob rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/09

i think this is my favourite of bodom's songs-the melody part is just out of this world-and the vocals made me fall in love with the song. I understand some people dont like alexi's vocals- guys-melodeth-he's not going to sound like an opera singer right?? It's an aquired taste.its also the easiest of alexi's solos(and the most tuneful).And for the guys making covers -dont growl unless you've ben professionally taught.

CoB Rocks! | Reviewer: Nick Jackson | 8/15/09

Ok, for you people who say that alexi's voice is shit, i would like to see you sing a whole show with out playing another instrument! Alexi is a god, and you cant deny that. His guitar skillz and voice are the whole backbone of their music! I do covers of their music, and my arms and throat are about to fall off after one song, so STFU!

Yep | Reviewer: Yepp | 10/2/08

In my opinion, if you're going to rate metal this complex, you should be a very experienced and talented musician. Listening to metal like this on an interactive level is an experience that I cannot describe. Alexi Laiho is instrumentally insane. You'd be suprised how difficult it is to make some of the sounds he does, if you had actually held a guitar more than five times in your life, you'd prolly understand.
CoB Rules.

mother slayer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/08

This has to be one of the best metal songs ever ,i mean lol ,i cant spot even one flaw in it<except the editing of laihos voice in youtube>
starts of with qute a bang and the tempo only increases to the end.
and lol the start riff by alexi and the middle riff off by kuopolla are divine no way the best song ever
i salute cob

awesome | Reviewer: matt wuuf | 4/8/08

nobody overlooks anything in this band (of course the only thing that should be overlooked are the lyrics lol, but i could listen to them all day, they are amazing live, awesome melodic metal imho.

COB's only Feather | Reviewer: anchit | 3/14/08

Not a real listner of COB coz i think their song dosent make a shit statement at all.Its pure noise.Just cannot blend right chord of guitar and other equipments.Everytime I Die.Has some Thundering Musik and almost perfect combi of Synth and power guitaring.Thumbs Up for ETID

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