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Limp Bizkit Everything Lyrics

Last updated: 05/08/2013 03:42:31 PM

i'm so frustrated
things are making me so sick inside
oh, go with your heart, go with your heart
yeah right
they're tellin me
im just not good enough for you
lets change
lets be something we're not
and be something everybody else is

oh, so much built up inside
it's fucking ridiculous
i don't know if i should
freak the fuck out on you
or just sit back and laugh
cuz you want more
you don't have anything
but me, me
i have everything, yeah
i have everything
what more could i ask for
nothing at all

why did it have to be this way at the end
why did it have to be this way at the end


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I love it. | Reviewer: Cece | 5/8/13

I died and rose for the composition. it's so simple, and I start going through my head in the 90's and in 2000, when I did not know this song, but it just vibrates in my life. Therefore it is so close to me. I start running and run to it. I run to the west. And here I lay in the pit for the water and around the stars. I'm in Moultrie, Georgia. 6/12/1992.

Why didn't you wait for me? | Reviewer: Compton | 10/15/09

Whether I am coming back from a day of wakeboarding or breaking up with the love of my life because she has an STD, (She's 19, I'm a 27 yr old virgin / devout christian)this song somehow reminds me that no matter what, I have everything to live for and nothing at all. The confusing but soothing compilation of words and sounds in this song somehow emulate my own confined torrent of thoughts and feelings to the point that I no longer feel anything at all. She gave it all away, and now I have nothing. We had everything. Why did it have to be this way to begin? Why did it have to be this way at the end?