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Buried way beneath the sheets I think she's having a meltdown
Finding it hard to fall asleep she won't let anyone help her
The look on her face a waste of time she won't let go gonna roll the dice
Loosing her grace starts to cry I feel her pain when I look in her eyes
I want ta be I want everything, I want everything
Somewhere she is on the streets trying to make things better
Praying to God and breathing deep gotta break this long obsession
If I had everything would I still want to be alive or want to be high [2x]
Now and then she talks to me and sometimes writes me letters
Your eyes, never close your eyes open up your mind and you can have everything

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Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/10

The feeling that I get from this song is that it's about addiction, but not in the standard sense. I think it's about his addiction to wanting to be Everything to this girl, yet knowing it's going nowhere and is an unhealthy relationship.

if i was buck it would mean this | Reviewer: liam | 5/20/09

I think its about leaving a girl that loved him, and she's loosing her mind over the fact that he's turning his back on her to to take on the rock rockstar roll, she's goin through all the step a girl goes through to make a guy stay with her, but it a waste of time cuz he's wants EVERYTHING he's gonna rock all the way to the top, and many people get hurt on the way.

Wow | Reviewer: Sam | 7/10/08

So my interpretation of the song is this...

This is about a love interest, whom he thinks won't let go of the pain she's felt in her past. He longs to be her everything, but knows she doesn't want to be "helped" out of her rut.

The rolling of dice speaks of the chance he wants to take to be her everything.

He's contemplating now whether he can stay sober when he has everything he wants, or whether he'll fall into his same bad habits all over. Knowing if he does she'll end up feeling the same way again, only this time about him. He wants to be her everything, and he wants her to be his everything, but he isn't sure he can stay sober, and doesn't want to bring her any more pain.

The girl in this song is not the one on the drugs, which is why he's ASKING when he has everything, would he still want to be alive or would he still rather be high?

Whoever he wrote this song for, I can tell you now he was in love with her. I'm at this stage right now, and there aren't better words to describe how he's feeling.

My everything | Reviewer: marc | 6/30/08

I believe its about a girl who has been through so much pain in life with family matters and all other possible problems so she falls into drugs, and this guy (buckcherry) is wanting to help her and understands her but she wont let anyone help her cuz she closes her heart/mind/soul. And buckcherry is sayin that if the girl would only let him inside her heart and mind that he would give her everything thus saying, "i wanna be, i want everything". In conclusion i believe its about a broken heart which steers in the direction of drugs and this guy wants to help her.

just a thought. | Reviewer: D | 4/7/08

i believe it's about a guy watching this girl hex possiblly fond. and he sees her struggleing with withmore than (maybe trying to make everyone else happy before her?) drugs at first, and drugs and alcohol is where she finds her relief. and she struggles because most of the time see dosent want to get high. and she could anything and have everything if she were to only make up her mind on if she wants to get high!

Amazing | Reviewer: Candice | 1/12/08

I think its about an addiction, it reminds me of me when I had an addiction, I was loved by many and had it all but I always wanted more. I got mixed up I feel from grace and I tried to always make it better but I rolled the dice. I gambled with mylife. And there is someone who sees her for her and thinks she can break her obsession. And it says I just wanna be high, because you dont wanna feel. Its an amazing song and is intererted diff but this was mine, and I think it shows her at her best who she really is when shes running through the beach and reading by the tree, and at the end she smiles because she survived and realizes theres more than what meets the eye in this life

Dope | Reviewer: evan fry | 1/2/08

This song kicks ass. Listening to it loud in an awesome system just gets me pumped. Makes me wanna drink some brews and get ready to go out,

Hmmm | Reviewer: Kat | 1/1/08

Great song! I have someone who wants to be my "everything" but even that is not enough. I guess apparently, I am not the only one who feels this way, lost and lonely. And there ARE others who have someone they can't help for one reason or another. The last time they sing "when I look in her eyes" it makes me crazy.

perfect. | Reviewer: dutchman | 11/27/07

its funny, i'm currently working on starting something with a girl who's in an abusive relationship right now and trying to get out of it. for some reason this song just kinda speaks to the situation

Amazingg | Reviewer: Staci | 11/27/07

This song is so amazing the first time I heard it i thought it kinda sucked to be honest and then i listened to it more and now its the most greatest song seriously..i love it, Buck Cherry is simply a fucking good artist!!..


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