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Fred Hammond Everything To Me Lyrics

Last updated: 08/23/2013 08:34:26 AM

Ooh, ooh, ooh...

(Verse 1)
My future and my history
My freedom and my liberty
My strength my joy
My life, my peace
Oh Lord You're everything to me

(Verse 2)
My flame, my light
My lamp, my heat
Brighten my path to guide my feet
Anoint my head and fill my cup
Oh Lord You're everything to me

Everything to me
Everything to me
Everything to me

When I felt lost and alone
You came and changed my story
On the pages of my life
You have revealed Your glory
Oh Lord You're everything to me

(Verse 3)
My start, my now
My close, my end
The Lover of my soul, my friend
Oh Lord You are my everything
My Father, God
My Lord and King

(Verse 4)
You heal and cause
Life to increase
You are the cure for my disease
My purpose and destiny
Oh Lord You're everything to me



(Repeat Verse 3 & 4)

Everything to me

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I couldn't help but cry | Reviewer: jthreehill | 8/22/13

each time I listen to this song by fred hammond, I can't help but cry... I mean every single time.
Just humming the melody lines alone does something in me. It's a perfect description of a heart-felt love song.
Awesome lyrics, I must say.. I sing this song whenever I feel God seems so far away. Again, its just a feeling, because He's never far since truelly He's everything to me!
Thank you Fred for blessing me with this song.

Love song from Heaven | Reviewer: Na' | 5/10/13

Awesome. I been dealing with a lot of things all at once, not to metion Mother's day coming up and my MOM and Grandmother are both deceased. I came across this song without seeking. Oh!, but Jesus, knew what I needed. I've been playing it over-and over-and -over. I feel so peaceful and calm. Not to metion, I knew he was everthing to me, My cup runneth over-and over- and over again. I this is printed. I am overwhelmed....

On the Pages of My Life... | Reviewer: Tope James | 6/20/11

...Jesus came and revealed His glory through this song. When I felt lost and alone, Christ Himself comforted me. There is something beyond the ordinary about the lyrics of this song coupled with the vocal delivery and the entire arrangement. Each time I feel like pouring myself before God, I pick up my phone and plug my spirit through my earphones to heaven on the threashold of this life provoking song. I'm yet to recover from the healing this piece of divinely crafted work has done to my worship paradigm.

Everything | Reviewer: Sonya Green | 8/29/08

There are times when I just listen to this song over and over on repeat and I can I feel the manifest presents of the Holy Spirt and it just brings tears to my eyes to just thing about the goodness of the LORD. It helped me through a lonely time in my life where I was reminded that with Jesus we are never alone. I can't discuss my problems and what I am going through with anyone at times b/c it is so personal but Jesus is truely a friend in the time of need. The song hits home. I love Fred Hammonds music. Everything he puts out is Fire!

This is all we need | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/07

Songs rarely encompass God in such a personal way. It's laced with the guidance of His word, the intiamcy of His frienship, yet still being the King of glory.

awesome song | Reviewer: dave omofuma | 6/4/07

fred hammond is the best lyrist the world have ever only shows how close he is to God..his such an inspiration to me..i hope to see him play live someday..

I dont know | Reviewer: Nthabeleng Mohapi | 9/5/06

I have no Idea what was going in the mind, spirit or head of Fred Hammond when He wrote this song. The only thing I know is the impact it Had on my life.

This song helped me stop looking at God as the one who has everything, but as THE ONE WHO IS EVERYTHING!

Thank you!