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Atomic Kitten Everything Goes Around Lyrics

Last updated: 10/28/2003 08:02:23 PM

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I used to cry myself to sleep at night
Given up all, I've got no more will and to fight
It's all gone, now you're gone
There's no more tears left
Time and time again you make me fall everyday
But you continue to make all those calls
To my heart, in my head
It's like I'm losing you

Don't you know everything goes around
Feels like I'm falling
But my feet are on the ground
If it's goodbye then I won't cry
If you're not around to bring me down

Looking back on baby days gone by
Thinking how you would make me
Feel like I would die
I won't cry, I can't cry, there's no more tears left
I know that you're breaking my heart
And everybody said that you would from the start
Now I know and it's time to let you go


Getting back on my feet again
And I'm picking up the pieces
I need a love that will make me feel
I'm someone new
I've got my life I'm gonna live it
I'm gonna take it to the limit
And now it's time to admit it, I'm over you

Time and time again you make me fall everyday
But you continue on making those calls to my
heart in my head
It's like I'm losing


Bring me down

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