Everyday Sunday Albums

  • Wake Up! Wake Up! Album (4/22/2007)
    Let's Go Back
    Wake Up! Wake Up!
    Take Me Out
    Find Me Tonight
    Apathy For Apologies
    I'll Get Over It (Miss Elaineous)
    What We're Here For
    Now You're Gone
    Tell Me You'll Be There
    From Me To You

  • Anthems For The Imperfect Album (5/18/2004)
    I Wish I Could
    Bring It On
    Gypsy Girl (What Love Is)
    I Won't Give Up
    Herself (I Want A Girl)
    Freshman Year
    Comfort Zone
    To The Skies
    Star Of The Show
    Untitled, Anonymous
    The One

  • Stand Up Album (11/1/2002)
    Would You Leave
    Mess With Your Mind
    Stand Up
    Live For You Tonight
    Hanging On
    Lose It Again
    Just A Story
    This Time
    Don't Leave
    Stand Up (Remix)

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