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Backyard Babies Everybody Ready!? Lyrics

Last updated: 06/02/2004 09:48:48 PM

Everybody ready?!
I’ll be the first in line
The race is on no end is here
I can’t be second best
The flags are waving in the air
Feel adrenaline it’s burning
When you taste blood
It’s just a warning
- on your marks!
- Get set!
- Everybody ready!
I’ll be the first to know
This track is built for
Showing gold
It ain’t no time to turn
The final state is no remorse
I’ll be the first to go
On concrete show and overload
Ain’t got that inner fear
If hell awaits or heaven’s near
Feel adrenaline it’s burning
Insanity you keep on learning
For every match you break
For every step you take
When you taste blood it’s just a warning!

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