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Billy Joel Everybody Loves You Now Lyrics

Last updated: 03/04/2013 09:57:05 AM

Baby all the lights are turned on you
Now you're in the center of the stage
Everything revolves on what you do
Ah, you are in your prime; you've come of age

And you can always have your way somehow
But everybody loves you now

You can walk away from your mistakes
You can turn your back on what you do
Just a little smile is all it takes
Yeah, you can have your cake and eat it too

Loneliness will get to you somehow
But everybody loves you now

Ah, they all want your white body
And they await your reply
Ah, but between you and me and the Staten Island ferry
So do I

All the people want to know your name
Soon there will be lines outside your door
Feelings do not matter in your game
Yeah, 'cause nothing's gonna touch you anymore

So your life is only living anyhow
And everybody loves you now

Close your eyes when you don't want to see
Stay at home when you don't want to go
Only speak to those who will agree
Yeah, and close your mind when you don't want to know

You have lost you innocence somehow
But everybody loves you now

Ah, you know that nothing lasts forever
And it's all been done before
Ah, but you ain't got the time to go to Cold Spring Harbor
No more

See how all the people gather 'round
Hey, isn't it a thrill to see them crawl?
Keep your eyes ahead and don't look down
Yeah, and lock yourself inside your sacred wall

This is what you wanted; ain't you proud?
'Cause everybody loves you now

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Everybody Loves You Now | Reviewer: Aaron | 3/4/13

With Guido on this one. If you listen to all of the songs on Cold Spring Harbor, you realize the narrator is telling one story about a relationship that was not meant to be, and how he deals with the aftermath. The songs emulate the different stages of grief, with this one in the anger phase. This song really resonates for me because of my unrequitted love of a girl who had no interest in me during college in 1980.

Be careful what you wish for: | Reviewer: Cutting Room Floor | 9/13/12

Of the two reviews I've seen on this site, I'm more inclined to agree with Miranda. To an extent, it is an illustration how far a person can come in their struggle to be famous and I agree that Billy Joel was making reference to himself. I also think this song is a cautionary message. Fame has an odd way of being very isolating. "This is what you wanted, ain't you proud?" is thus intended to be ironic.

Everybody Loves You Now | Reviewer: guido | 10/3/10

I beg to differ with you Miranda. The singer in this song is flashing a big middle finger at a woman who dumped him. She is beautiful, popular and has no problem attracting men- but she is selfish and only out for herself. Despite the fact that she has become soured in his own mind, he grudgingly admits that he still is attracted to her. (Perhaps he is still attracted to an idealistic feeling of the kind of woman he thought she was.) At any rate, he knows that what goes around comes around and eventually she will cosmically be rewarded for the way she treated him.

Everbody love's u now | Reviewer: miranda | 7/8/09

This song shows how a person has come a long way in their struggle to become famous. I would even go so far as to say that Billy Joel is talking about himself in this song; how hes a big shot now and everyone loves and respects him. Personaly i love this song; especially the beat and rithem at the start, something tells me that this would really be a crowd pleaser at a live concert and im sure it has been.