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<SPOKEN>: One, two, three, four!

Fortune has me well in hand, armies 'wait at my command
My gold lies in a foreign land buried deep beneath the sand
The angels guide my ev'ry tread, my enemies are sick or dead
But all the victories I've led haven't brought you to my bed

You see, everybody loves me, baby, what's the matter with you?
Won'tcha tell me what did I do to offend you?

Now the purest race I've bred for thee to live in my democracy
And the highest human pedigree awaits the first-born boy baby
And my face on ev'ry coin engraved, the anarchists are all enslaved
My own flag is forever waved by the grateful people I have saved

You see, everybody loves me, baby, what's the matter with you?
Won'tcha tell me what did I do to offend you?

Now, no land is beyond my claim when land is seized in the people's name
By evil men who rob and maim, if war is hell, I'm not to blame!
Why, you can't blame me, I'm Heaven's child, I'm the second son of Mary mild
And I'm twice removed from Oscar Wilde, but he didn't mind, why, he just smiled

Yes, and the ocean parts when I walk through, and the clouds dissolve and the sky turns blue
I'm held in very great value by everyone I meet but you
'cause I've used my talents as I could, I've done some bad, I've done some good
I did a whole lot better than they thought I would so, c'mon and treat me like you should!

Because everybody loves me, baby, what's the matter with you?
tell me what did I do to offend you? <whoo, yeah!>

Everybody loves me, baby, what's the matter with you?
tell me what did I do to offend you?

Yeah, everybody loves me, baby, what's the matter with you?
tell me what did I do to offend you?

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oh, it's political alright | Reviewer: Faraanak | 9/2/14

To me the tone of the poem is clearly making fun of the character/persona who has these grandiose ideas of himself, and since the ideas are largely expressed in the metaphors of politics - engraved coins, my democracy, people's name, armies at command, if war is hell I'm not to blame, it comes off as tongue-in-cheek send-up of those cliched phrases - it makes the imperialist rhetoric ridiculous by casting it as the come-on line of some self-absorbed prick. The year 1971 was an anti-imperialist period, with colonial powers everywhere in retreat, and the album title "American Pie" makes another hint (though most of the songs on the album are not necessarily about the concept of America)

Do What? | Reviewer: VirginiaGent | 9/25/12

Anti-war protest song? I believe that's reading WAY more into this than necessary. I think to most people it's a song reflecting a guy who has too high an opinion of himself who can't understand how a woman could possibly turn him down. Not unlike 99% of the males on the planet, at one time or another. "Anti-Vietnam, appropriate for Bush war period"? No. It's about a guy trying to get a girl into bed, and that's complicated enough as it is.

Viet Nam Era Protest Song | Reviewer: Robyn | 3/28/12

If I'm not mistaken, and I really could be, this was an anti war protest song from the Viet Nam 'War' era where the 'me' is the USA. Interestingly, it seems just as apporpriate for the Bush/USA/Iraq war period.

mclean - dylan | Reviewer: teez | 9/10/07

i agree with user king about the dylanesqueness (haha, what a word), i didn´t know many bob dylan songs before i listened to don´s "pie" album at the age of something like 10. after getting to know dylan now i must agree with you, anyway a great song!!

self esteem booster | Reviewer: Mike Wheeler | 8/14/07

Anybody no matter how downtrodden can have a self esteem boost by listening to this song for a while. Especially just after getting up and just before bed.

Don Allen | Reviewer: Gary Erickson | 7/22/07

Don, who wrote this song, reflects this song. Quite a man, growing up in Warren Michigan. His only child, Mark, and I were roomates in college. We sung this song karoke in 1992 at a little bar in Nango Japan.

Really great | Reviewer: King | 7/16/07

The verse/chorus order is unorthodox and the lyrics are great -- not a dead word. There's a certain Dylanesque air around the tongue-in-cheek lyrics and the not-so-perfect pitch. And it's danceable! All in all, awesome!

Amazing appropriate today | Reviewer: Martha | 6/1/07

This song has an errily prophetic quality when we consider it in light of the political course of the US in the last 6 years. I think it could be subtitled, George W. Bush's theme song.

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