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Apocalyptic meteor showers. Merciless and indiscriminant
retro-viral transmission. Political espionage. Systematic
elimination of multi-cultural nation-states, Every Time I
Die and rampant corporate funded ecocide.

Only one of these phrases is exempt from the nightmarish
mural that American culture has fashioned with its pitiless
hands and titled “Reality”, which we display indefinitely
in the halls of our nations consciousness. That phrase is
“apocalyptic meteor showers”, as it is actually part of a
piece we call “The Future” which More...

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Review about Every Time I Die songs
MCR vs. ETID? | Reviewer: Aziraphale
    ------ About the song Kill the Music performed by Every Time I Die

What's with you fucking drama queens? Two musical geniuses get together and you're trying to decide who's better? They're both amazing. Listen your ears off, and if you like one better, good for you. Just know that your opinion isn't law. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to sing along now, with theae generously provided lyrics.

Message to hater, scrubs! | Reviewer: YDODO
    ------ About the song The New Black performed by Every Time I Die

ETID's best songs are: the new black, ebolarama, and kill the music, also i see a lot of ETID hater on these message deals and my question is:
IF you hate them so much why the fuck would you even care to listen to their song let alone learn the lyrics to them? You fuckin scrubs!

Yes | Reviewer: LKJljsdkljf
    ------ About the song The Logic Of Crocodiles performed by Every Time I Die

Dude, these guys are nothing like Chiodos and Keith Buckley is fucking genius. He got his degree and was an english teacher. I don't know why you would compare the two but they are nothing alike. ETID is it's own masterpiece.

Alex DeLarge | Reviewer: Taylor
    ------ About the song Pornogratheraphy performed by Every Time I Die

This song must have something to do with A Clockwork Orange! The thought kept lingering as I read through the lyrics, and when I saw, "That's enough. Turn it off. I promise I'm better now. It's too much. Healed at the horror show," I concluded that it had to be inspired by it.

WTF Insomnia? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Logic Of Crocodiles performed by Every Time I Die

How is this even comparible to Chiodos? I find this more along the lines of Converge, Cursed, and even early Norma Jean. Chiodos wishes they could write songs like ETID. They're lyrics are inventive and unconventional and yeah you can't understand them but it's hardcore, it's about the insane, chaotic feeling the music creates, that's its appeal. The lyrics are a message and whether you hear them in the song or read them in the lyric book the message is the same.

Dope! (wtf) | Reviewer: pyromantic
    ------ About the song Ebolarama performed by Every Time I Die

Well clearly no one understands "sarcasm" anymore. i believe that mr.hot damn was being sarcastic. the fact that he made up the word "ebolarama" just amazes me. ETID is the best southern metal besides doomriders haha

Honestly now... | Reviewer: Hero
    ------ About the song The Logic Of Crocodiles performed by Every Time I Die

How can this not make sense to people?
These lines make it clear as day to me:
love is just an exchange of corporate documents.
i've reviewed your rapport and i feel you're a prospect for mechanical
this is a joint venture that will be mutually advantageous to both parties
technically this is just a business merger.
a consolidation of liquid assets.

It's a comparison of marriage and business.

And comparing these guys to Chiodos is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever heard.

Wow. | Reviewer: Mr Hot Damn!
    ------ About the song Ebolarama performed by Every Time I Die

You are absolutely right, Keith Buckely has the most unoriginal lyrics. Im so sure there are so many singers out that can write better lyrics than those written by an English professor (speaks in most sarcastic tone available). Keep the AMAZING music comming guys and I will see you Wednesday in the ROCK AND ROCK CYCLONE!

Really? Insomnia? | Reviewer: Bob
    ------ About the song The Logic Of Crocodiles performed by Every Time I Die

1st lets try typing in a grammatical fashion for people to take your review seriously. ''this is by far the stupids song in the entire world" and then saying that ETID is trying to be Chiodos? Really? ETID was a band long before hacks like Chiodos were even out of high school. Love it or hate it at least ETID has originality rather than bands like Chiodos who are just a crappy imitation of the original Saosin ep... There is nothing that I hate more than some dumb ass 15year old that thinks they have knowledge on song writing because Owl City is in their iTunes genius playlist. Sit down, shut up, and listen to something more than what's on a warped tour promo disc... Love, Bob

ouch | Reviewer: Q
    ------ About the song The Logic Of Crocodiles performed by Every Time I Die

i do like this song, and that was fckin harsh. i think the instrumentals are great and old etid just sounded different. they used changing time signatures a lot and off beat drum fills but theyre shit is still on point. no self respecting band puts out a song with absolutely no rhythm. etid is one of my favorite bands and they have some of the best song writing around imo. but thats your opinion and youre entitled to it i guess. and btw dude theyre nothing like chiodos nor do they want to be. both bands are awesome but totally different styles

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