Every Avenue Lyrics

David Strauchman - Lead Vocals, Piano
Joshua Randall - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jimmie Deeghan - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Michael Govaere - Drums, Percussion
Matt Black - bass

"These guys may think they are nipping at the heels of Fall
Out Boy, but pretty soon they'll be standing next to them!"

-Campus Circle

The last year has been a huge year for Marysville, Michigan
natives Every Avenue and with their upcoming release Shh.
Just Go With It hitting store shelves this winter, they
show no signs of slowing down.

"Hopes and dreams and More...

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Submit Every Avenue New Lyrics

Review about Every Avenue songs
My first love | Reviewer: Ash
    ------ About the song Between You And I performed by Every Avenue

When i heard this song i cryed soo bad..it reminds me of my ex boyfreind...we went out 3years agoo and since decemeber 2012 ive been thinking of him and how much i missed him and loved him and how much i wish i could move on but cant hes happy with another girl while im here falling more in love with him all the memories i shared with his are in replaceable. I was with him for 11 months that i wont forget we had a long distance relatioship but we saw eachother alot but i moved far away and iknew there was no way to see him so we had to break up...i cryed for months i cant get over him he will always be in my heart! I havnt seen him since then iknow if i saw him i would die but its worth it..id do anything to see my first love agian..i miss him..-pikachu. </3

You missed a lyric! | Reviewer: Mel Piche
    ------ About the song I Forgive You performed by Every Avenue

From you, I could throw my cares away
now I know how freedom taste and I
thank you for the pain cause now I
can deal with anything

**I foretold the break now that
I Finally broke away from you!**

Just thought I'd help ya out :)

I love you ♥ | Reviewer: Becca
    ------ About the song Between You And I performed by Every Avenue

I heard this song a few days ago, made me cry the first time i listened to it, and it still makes me cry when listening to it now. it just reminds me of this boy, i have known him for a few months, we started off being good friends and then we realised that we really liked eachother, he told me first. a week later i decided to tell him i liked him too. his answer made me cry. he said he might be moving away and didn't think it was best for a relationship. i didn't know what else to say. i hated myself for saying it. i thought i had ruined everything. we have kinda forgotten about it now and we are just acting like friends again. but he will always have that special place in my heart. i love you ♥

lurve it! | Reviewer: Razzie
    ------ About the song A Story To Tell Your Friends performed by Every Avenue

I absolutely adore this song.
I can actually relate to it, and understand the point of view.
Well written lyrics, just an amazing song :)
I can't wait to see Every Avenue live one day. This band just blow me away!

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