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Every Avenue Biography

Last updated: 11/13/2011 11:00:00 AM

David Strauchman - Lead Vocals, Piano
Joshua Randall - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jimmie Deeghan - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Michael Govaere - Drums, Percussion
Matt Black - bass

"These guys may think they are nipping at the heels of Fall Out Boy, but pretty soon they'll be standing next to them!"

-Campus Circle

The last year has been a huge year for Marysville, Michigan natives Every Avenue and with their upcoming release Shh. Just Go With It hitting store shelves this winter, they show no signs of slowing down.

"Hopes and dreams and memories, you can't take away from me!" sings David Ryan, lead vocalist for the pop-infused rock sensation Every Avenue. The band has just finished another inspired, energetic performance and tonight, like every other night they have graced the stage, the crowd simply wants more. This reaction is becoming increasingly more common everywhere that Every Avenue goes, and that is not limited to shows. The band is being recognized in malls, restaurants, even on the highway; and rightfully so.

Forming in 2003 and self-releasing their first self-titled record later that same year, the mid-western quintet have had a positive outlook on the music scene since day one. "We try to stay fun and energetic and do it differently than other bands," says drummer Michael Govaere. In an industry that some say has gone bleak and dark in the last year, Every Avenue keeps fun and enthusiasm in their music, their live show, and most importantly, their attitude. After every set the band plays you will always find the boys talking and interacting with their fans. "

In the summer of 2007 Every Avenue was finally rewarded for their hard work and dedication. Fearless Records saw into the hearts of the young musicians, recognized their strong fan base, and decided to sign the band and release their debut EP entitled "AH!" on August 14, 2007. "It felt amazing signing to Fearless because it felt like we were becoming part of a family rather than just signing a record deal," says David, "we knew they were going to work just as hard for us as we would for them. We could not be more proud." The six song, pop-rock compilation takes listeners on a fun and emotional journey through love and life. Anyone can relate to the heartfelt lyrics that rain all over the record. The single that was released entitled "Where Were You" has not only received play on Yahoo! Radio and AOL Radio, but was also featured on MTV's Real World/Road Rules Gauntlet and received more than 150,000 downloads on Mark Hoppus' (Blink-182) "Hi My Name Is Mark" blog on I-Tunes.

"AH!" not only captured the hearts of fans everywhere but also the attention of producers Zach Odom and Kenneth Mount (Cartel, Mayday Parade). The band went into the studio with Odom and Mount in what the boys dubbed "Hot"lanta, Georgia in early fall 2007 where they wrote and recorded their debut full-length Shh. Just Go With It, which is scheduled to hit store shelves everywhere on February 19, 2008. "We are really happy with the way the album came out," says guitarist Joshua Randall, "we were able to try a lot of things we always wanted to. We can't wait to see what the fans think."

With an EP that is selling copies nationwide and a full length on the horizon, Every Avenue has hit the road and hit it hard. They are currently on tour in support of The Mile After, and in the new year the band will jump back in the van January 11th - February 2nd to play shows with Just Surrender, label mates Mayday Parade, and All-Time Low. Music aside, at these shows there is one thing everyone is guaranteed to become addicted to: the pump jump. This signature move created by the boys themselves is rocking faces and taking names! Even their producers Zach and Kenneth, and the other bands on tour, could not help but be swept away by the energy created by the pump jump. Having fun at rock shows and a demanding schedule are something the boys are accustomed to and their vigorous upcoming tour schedule shall prove to be no different. When asked about the future and what it means for the band, guitarist Jimmie Deeghan simply says, "We'd rather be touring and playing music than anything else." Fans can expect to see that attitude reflected in every single second of any Every Avenue performance.

In addition to their ever increasing tour schedule, Every Avenue has solidified their status in the music world by employing the services of Keith Lazorchek with Absolute Management, adding themselves to an impressive roster that already includes All-Time Low and Set Your Goals. They will travel the country with the help of booking agents David Galea (Paramore, The Higher) and Jeremy Holgerson (Aiden, Alesana).

Hard times and set backs have done nothing to stop these young pop-rockers from making their dreams come true. Their fun approach to music is fresh and unique, and paired together with a dedicated fan base the band has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Now with the help of a strong and supportive record label, a consistent touring schedule, and a debut full length packed with songs that will make even the biggest of critics nod their heads, the sky could truly be the limit for Every Avenue.