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  • Follow The Sun Album (11/27/2012)
    Shines On Everyone
    Follow The Sun
    A World Without You
    Run Away
    Hey My Love
    That's The Way
    Sometimes It's Easy
    We Will Meet Again
    We'll Fly

  • Truth of the World: Welcome to the Show Album (3/20/2009)
    Plugged In
    Tonight On The Show (Truth Of The World Pt.1)
    Between The Lines
    Max Is Stable
    Hey Boys And Girls (Truth Of The World Pt.2)
    The Lonely Ones
    Girl With The World On Her Shoulders
    Front Page Story / Diamonds In The River
    Infotainmentology (Truth Of The World Pt.3)
    Join The Party
    Everybody’s Doing It
    Chemical Miracle / Faster
    Can You Hear Me?
    The Watchmen Are Sleeping
    Hey Boys and Girls
    The Lifeline
    Between the Lines

  • Real Life Album (7/8/2006)
    Real Life
    Light Surrounding You
    Morning Star
    Never Let You Go
    My Guiding Light
    The Great Unknown
    The Only One I See
    Inside Of Me
    Goodnight Is Not The End

  • Dreams Album (9/27/2004)
    It's Too Late
    This Unavoidable Thing Between Us
    For One Day
    Dreaming...Pt. 2
    Are You Satisfied???
    Come To Nothing
    Dreams Call Out To Me
    Without Your Smile
    Into The Ocean (Calling You)
    Know It's True
    Everyone (Moving On)

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    Reviews about Evermore albums

    Amazing music! | Reviewer: Cassi
        ------ About the album Truth of the World: Welcome to the Show performed by Evermore

    I love this album as it is different and full of ballads that mean things, as a 15 year old i get bored of the latest pop music as it sounds the same, this is different and has meaning, i have gotten my friends into it as it talks about the world not famous things and Hollywood!

    Return of the Concept Album | Reviewer: Martin
        ------ About the album Truth of the World: Welcome to the Show performed by Evermore

    At last a band has the intelligence and guts to write a complete album based around a clear concept, and not just a bunch of disjointed songs. There's a clear absence of bubble gum pop and sex crazed rock, instead this album takes you on a real journey.

    Just beware if you put the CD in your car, be prepared for a long drive, because you won't want to stop driving till the music stops.

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