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Few rap artists can match the accomplishments of Erik
Schrody, a.k.a. Everlast. From his days as the leader of
the multi-platinum Tommy Boy Records crew House Of Pain and
beyond, Everlast's roughneck sound and style helped pave
the way for the current generation of hip hop hooligans.

He came out as part of Ice T's L.A.-based Rhyme Syndicate
Cartel, made 1990's Forever Everlasting album, then left to
form House Of Pain with his pals Danny "Danny Boy" O'Connor
and Leor "DJ Lethal" Dimant. Three albums and five years
later, Everlast More...

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Submit Everlast New Lyrics

Review about Everlast songs
obvious | Reviewer: darwincrowley
    ------ About the song Whitey's Revenge (The Eminem Diss) performed by Everlast

I do think tit is pretty obvious that Everlast is a much more talented musician. Eminem is great with words, and his lyrics are clear and easy to understand. Other white rappers who speak clearly and are great with words... Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, ABK, Twiztid, almost anyone from Psychopathic really. Whoop-Whoop! ...Eminem is no different, he falls into the same category. Everlast can gain fans in many different genres because he is much more than a poet, he is a musician.

thinking | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song What It's Like performed by Everlast

We are all have our own opinions about this songs meaning. It has a very simple message u have no idea what a person has gone through in thier life until u lived like they do. You should never judge another person until u know the whole story and even then u should have empathy for that person.

Ever so Bold...be THANKFUL FOR WHAT GOD GIVES U♥ | Reviewer: Lori Nelson
    ------ About the song Saving Grace performed by Everlast

Luv this show I watch it over & over have not seen season 4?? Is there one? Luv the music...! I can relate to Holly Hunter's charecter.....! It is a heartfelt, love, hope, & a spiritual show....its what people need who are not quite sure if they do or do not believe in Angels & GOD♥ I KNOW IT'S MADE ME THINK!!

Hope | Reviewer: Michael
    ------ About the song What It's Like performed by Everlast

I read the lyrics and they are so sad. What is sadder is that so many people can identify with the sentiment of the song. If that was all there was to look forward to, a life without hope, I'd stay bummed all the time too. I am grateful that, for me, life doesn't have to be an endless procession of regrettable decisions. I have found peace, contentment, and hope in the midst of a dark and sad world. I wish you all well and may you find what you are looking for.

Eminem sucks | Reviewer: undergrd
    ------ About the song Whitey's Revenge (The Eminem Diss) performed by Everlast

Everlast has true talent from old school hip hop to rock/blues. Eminem is just a little bitch trieng to get rich off stupid metaphors about drugs and crack whores just like what whitey was talking about. I would like to see eminem play a guitar and actually try to sing. no one gives a fuck about his stupid little poems on doing drugs and being a thug n killing people. what a fake little bitch.

Christlike compassion. | Reviewer: Marcus Allen
    ------ About the song What It's Like performed by Everlast

I am a bold Christian. I follow Jesus Christ and His teachings, not some watered down or distorted view of His teachings. If HE didn't say it, I give it a lot of scrutiny. Christ was full of love, grace and mercy. He detested the behavior of those who placed themselves higher than everyone else with their hypocritical righteousness. To me, this song is about not being so hypocritical and judgmental regarding our fellow human family. It's very Christian in its essence. I could care less if it has curse words in it; those are for affect regarding the human condition. This song and "where is the love" and " the Easter song" by A Man Called Adam should be played in all churches across the world, IMO. Anyway, great song!

lyrics correction | Reviewer: Jack Shit now you know whom I AM!
    ------ About the song What It's Like performed by Everlast

It is " I stroked their daddy's dimes at least a couple of times before I broke their hearts" Back in the day when there were pay phones that cost a dime to make a phone call. Daddy would give his daughter a dime to tuck in their bra if their date got "FRESH" happy handed if you will. I've heard of one thin dime..... Thick dime? Give me a break you slacked jawed thumb typers!

Still Pondering | Reviewer: Lord Joe
    ------ About the song Whitey's Revenge (The Eminem Diss) performed by Everlast

It's now 2013 and I'm still tryna figure out if this was a diss track or was Whitey was telling us a boring story about Em's life and his wishes. I'm sorry Whitey supporters, but this right here is bullshit... Evalast could've done better, but still not compare to Eminem

That M and M stands for Marilyn Monroe line was nice though :/

Why the arguing? | Reviewer: Lisa
    ------ About the song What It's Like performed by Everlast

Let's dump religion out. Im not sure if religion/beliefs/culture/ or even God has anything to do with it. When I see disagreements and arguing that take it so personal as if the song is a corruption or agreement to ones values, then we have found the meaning of the song. The insults and jdefenses

Eminem fan girl | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Whitey's Revenge (The Eminem Diss) performed by Everlast

Ok so here's what I think but nobody probably gives a shit what I think but fuck it.
Everlasts lyrics weren't very good in this song and honestly I don't know how some of you can sit here and talk about how this son is so good and how eminem can't rap for shit, but eminem can rap and he's amazing at it. I don't blame eminem for making the everlast diss called QUITTER, everlast sat there trying to rap about eminens wife and his daughter.

I ain't trying to start shit but eminem is a way better rapper than everlast and eminem actually has talent.

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