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Few rap artists can match the accomplishments of Erik Schrody, a.k.a. Everlast. From his days as the leader of the multi-platinum Tommy Boy Records crew House Of Pain and beyond, Everlast's roughneck sound and style helped pave the way for the current generation of hip hop hooligans.

He came out as part of Ice T's L.A.-based Rhyme Syndicate Cartel, made 1990's Forever Everlasting album, then left to form House Of Pain with his pals Danny "Danny Boy" O'Connor and Leor "DJ Lethal" Dimant. Three albums and five years later, Everlast steps out on his own again with Whitey Ford Sings The Blues, fifteen honest, artistic tracks, replete with introspective lyrics, soulful guitar playing -and of course, state-of-the-art hip hop beats.

"What I'm trying to do is 'if Neil Young or Willie Nelson was a b-boy.' Attitude wise, Johnny Cash is a b-boy. Some of the ideas on the records were like, 'What would happen if Ritchie Blackmore met Timbaland?' Seeing Wyclef do his thing with the guitar I was like, 'That's cool, but what about writing something original?' We've seen the rap karaoke thing one too many times.

Now cats take an entire old song, put a few updated slang words in it and it's the hip thing. Too many fifteen year old kids think Puffyand Mase rhyming over 'The Message' is the hottest shit they ever heard, and they ain't never even heard the real 'Message.'"

Whitey Ford was put together by Dante Ross and John Gamble - the Stimulated Dummies - E-Swift produced one track and so did Divine Styler. Guest appearances include Sadat X of Brand Nubian and Prince Paul, with some fresh bass lines courtesy of Norwood Fisher from Fishbone.

Everlast played all the guitars on the record, and wrote most of the album with the exception of samples. Hip Hop purists may wonder what the hell's going on here, but Everlast deserves props for coming up with some deep material that's guaranteed to stand the test of time. "I'm a little older and the music is more mature," he reflects. "It's different from House Of Pain - which was drinking beers and slamdancing."

Needless to say, Whitey Ford was thrown into disarray a few months ago when Everlast needed emergency open-heart surgery. He was born with a heart defect, and during the last dayof making the record, tore a muscle in his heart and was rushed to the hospital, where he got a heart valve replacement. "It was ill," he explains. " One minute I'm in my house and then I wake up in the hospital four days later." That near-death experience was a huge wake-up call.

Everlast reflects on the eerie coincidences found throughout the album: "After the heart attack, I listened to the record and there's a lot of death on it. 'Death Comes Callin' is a song about watching what you do andwhat you say because you never know when death's gonna knock on your door. The song 'Painkillers' is all about winding up in the hospital. The funny thing about 'Painkillers' is that it's a fabricated story but there's a part of it that is so near-to-life as far as me getting wheeled into the hospital.

One of my buddies said, 'You should die at the end of that story.' I said, 'Nah man, that's tempting fate.' It makes you wonder how much your mind knows that you don't know consciously. I listen to the record - and my mind and my spirit obviously knew something was coming.

Everlast's tasty guitar work and deep blues-flavored linguistics are most evident on the album's first single 'What It's Like,' an acoustic/electronic blue-collar jam of hard-livin' in real-life Americana. "It's three little stories based on experiences I've had in my life. The first verse is about this guy shitting on this bum, telling him to a get job.

That was me one day back when," explains Everlast. There are two songs back-to back at the album's onset called 'Dollar Bill' and 'Ends.' "They're both about money, but they're two different attitudes towards money. 'Dollar Bill' is about 'I gotta have it. I need it' and 'Ends' is about the dark side of it, what happens if you get too much of it." Other highlights include the slammin' spirituality of 'Praise The Lord' and a Roy Ayres-flavored groove called 'Today.'

"The f***ed up thing about blowing up with a band is that you can only do it once," Everlast reflects. "Even if you stay huge forever, you only go through that process once - and I'm looking for that feeling again. You know, that thing that puts butterflies in your gut before you go onstage. It got to the point with House Of Pain where it was a machine.

Get on stage. Do the show. Get off. Go to the hotel. It was too routine. The only reason I was going on the road was to make money. Once I stopped getting butterflies, that's when I knew things where going to get boring. I just got to a point where I wasn't having much fun and I needed to quit." These House Of Pain tours were incredibly influential, through which Rage Against The Machine and Korn first came to national attention.

"I can't wait to make another record," Everlast offers. "I'm just finding a style now. Everything that I thought was limited before weren't limitations, they were just fears. I'm not scared to try shit or act like a fool. That's what this record is about, shedding any fears. People are either going to love this record or think I've lost my mind. Either one of those is okay with me."

"This time I wanted to do that scary thing - that if you don't do it you're gonna be like, 'Damn, I wonder what would've happened if I tried that.' I got sick of hearing 'rapper Everlast.' You never hear the word 'musician' and I thought that was bugged out because a lot of hip hop cats are true musicians. To me, what I'm doing is no different than hip hop. I hate to sound too artsy-fartsy about it, but there's emotion on this record. People who like what I've done and know what I've been about in this game will dig it."

Everlast explains his alter-ego as represented in the album title: "In rap music, all these guys have aliases. 'So And So a.k.a. This Is That.' Half the guys in the rap game wanna be Italian mafiosos and that struck me as funny. If I had an alias, what would it be? I was trying to be really outrageous, and 'Whitey Ford' is real peckerwood. It evokes an imagery right away. I love the bluntness of it. Whitey Ford Sings The Blues is code for 'Everlast is bugging the f*** out.'"

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WAYBACKFAN | Reviewer: CHRIS JOHNSON | 11/16/13

Been listening to Everlast since the Ice T days when rap was still fresh ans real.Love all the music and can identify with whats being talked about,keep making the music and us fans will keep buying,do your thing everlast and let the sun shine on ya man.GOD BLESS

Thanks, I love your music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/13

Hello Whitey,

I have recently heard your music and when I was first listening I was thinking OMG who is this guy his voice is so sexy and deep and hearing that good beat and the lyrics everything about the song had me very interested and really liking it so of course looked in to the rest of your music and wow I love it you are the best and thank you so much for your music.

eminem is hooked on jenkum | Reviewer: i fucked hailey ems baby | 5/15/12

B rabbit is a pussy Whitey Ford is way harder Marshall Mather's is a skinny white dude that raps fast atleast u can understand whity I got a hit out on u Marshall and ill rap that comet of ur ill Buck a 380 on one who acts shady

LOVE to Whitey Ford | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/10

I'm not even going to take the time to compair/contrast Em and Everlast because there is none!!!

There is no one on the planet that has the sexy sound of Whitey Ford. He may not be on the radio but you can bet everyone that loves music has him on their play list

Goose bumps! | Reviewer: Sher | 7/2/10

O.K. I'll admit it - at 70 years of age, I hadn't been introduced to Everlast's music but I was fortunate enough to view Saving Grace from the pilot program to the last big explosion. From the very first, I was in "lust" with the voice singing the theme song. I, along with thousands of others, I am sure, didn't bother exploring much - I just enjoyed my experience every week. And then I read of what was one of the most preposterous blunders in TV history. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. MY PROGRAM WAS NOT PICKED UP FOR A NEW SEASON!! While I was checking my closet for all my black clothing and entering my mourning period at the cancellation of what was one of the best series I have ever become attached to, I checked out all the details of the program and discovered EVERLAST. I checked out all the videos available along with all the audio I could find and simply "zoned out" and let the perfection of his lyrics and voice just wash over me. What an experience. He has what my family used to call a whiskey/cigarette voice - just enough roughness to give me goose bumps and just enough mellowness to pull me into his words. The man is a true marvel and a gifted man. I can only hope that he never loses his "edge."

get with the times | Reviewer: ginshun | 2/16/10

Dude, do you realize that the whole everlast / eminem thing took place like 8 years ago? Get with the fucking times.
Honestly, you remind me of Stan. If Em were to stop at your house, you'd suck his dick wouldn't you? Its OK, he'd like it.

WTF???? | Reviewer: Austin | 2/1/10

okay im reading all this shit about the eminem diss thing and okay i honeslty believe eminems just a better artist as far as rap goes and to all of you trying to diss eminem FUCK YOU if everlast is so good then why exactly is it that his career is buttfucked and maybe two or three of his songs get played on the radio meanwhile despite the fact that they are censored almost all of eminems songs get played mainstream and to the reviewer who said that hes only famous for the pop loving fagets FUCK YOU eminems at least twice as popular as everlast so if your saying those are the people making him famous than your fucking high because you just insulted most of the world considering the amount of fans eminem has FANS EVERLAST NEVER HAD!!!! and i just watched the 2010 grammy's and i KNOW that if everlast just disappeared from the music industry for over 5 years he would never EVER be able to come back out of no where and win album of the year!!!so FUCK YOU!!! and dont get me wrong i do think everlast is a great artist and extremely talented when it comes to the more alternative style music like "what its like" but you really cant compare the two in rap eminem is way more talented and everlast is just a bit too ice-t too level up to eminem so yeah i had to post this because im tired of all the hating on eminem

OMG, who is this ? !!!! | Reviewer: Ginny M. Lee | 12/12/09

Ok so where have I been..? The darkside of the moon...? One of my co-worker's had their Ipod was playing through out the office...when I heard this voice. Which I promise you was from heavens. This husky, raspy, sexy sound seeping into my ears rattling me to the center of my core. I Damn near killed myself running to see who this was on the playlist. "Carlos Santana & Everlast, Turn Your Light On" is what it read. If music moves the soul then Everlast is a solider of movement. From your newest fan...

folsom prison blues | Reviewer: Craig | 3/13/09

I love your music Everlast. You are the most talented musician over all in my eyes. I have three of your albums now including your newest release and i hope you keep making music. Your music has gotten me through some rough times in my life but also has been there in my good times. I appreciate and hear all the lyrics in your music. I hope one day to see you in concert and my dream is to meet you in person and shake your hand to show my appreciation for what you do. Dude your awesome!!!

Can't say it enough! | Reviewer: Theresa Dean | 12/28/08

Love Love Love is all I can think of when thinking about these albums. I am wondering when I'll tire of them. So far and that means since they both came out, I haven't. In fact, whenever anyone is in my car and I, again, turn the Whitey Ford and the White Trash Beautiful cds on, every one starts singing along. So I'm not the only one who is in Love Love Love with these cds. I am looking foward to a new one but no hurry because between White Trash Beautiful and the Ford one I wouldn't know which one to let go for a new one. So maybe we should just wait till I tire of one of them. Just kidding, anytime and I'll be ready, thanks for doing the music I love, t

thankyou | Reviewer: konrad | 9/9/07

I never heard of everast till about 2 months ago But my friend was playing it and mow i'm hooked. My favoite songs blinded by the sun,white trash beautiful,broken and angel.

Loved him from the get-go | Reviewer: Angelia | 8/16/07

I have loved Everlast ever since the first time I saw him back in the House of Pain days and just before. The Whitey albums just confirmed what I already knew. The man's got skills! Love him!!!

Thanx))) | Reviewer: Wad | 9/2/06

Thank you Everlast for your music. It really stands out compared to all kinds of shit being played and promoted these days. Ever since I heard "What It's Like" I admire your talent man

LOVE HIS MUSIC!! | Reviewer: Ashley | 2/15/06

I just love his music. Ever since I heard "What It's Like" and "White Trash Beautiful" I have been a fan. I love the lyrics and the rhythm.

Whitey | Reviewer: Mark Baughn | 7/29/05

Hello Whitey,
I love to listen to your music and have for a few years. I have written a short song called Oh Children. I just dont know how to put music to it and I sure cant sing a lick. I was wondering if you could possibly read it and give me an opinion it. I know there's possibly more that could be added to it. I would like it if you would think about maybe signing it or putting music to it. Thank you for your time. And keep on putting out music.

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