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Blind Melon Ever Had The Feeling Lyrics

Last updated: 02/17/2009 10:00:00 AM

Ready...Ever had the feeling of maybe blowing your face upon the ceiling
Have you ever stopped to wonder what your life might feel like down,down,down,down way under?
Ya ever felt the need to slash someone's throat and sit there and watch 'em bleed, yeah
And what keeps you from popping too many pills?
Don't tell me it's all your unpaid bills
Oh, but so what if ya did?
So what if ya did?
So what if ya did?
So what if ya did?

And I just got through one of those nights where I wanted to turn out the forever lights
And maybe snap my neck and release some constipation
Or a razor through my wrists without the slightest hesitation
Oh, give it back to me
Oh, please, please give it back to me
Oh, please, please, please give it back to me
And I swear, swear
I swear what if ya did?
Oh, I swear it if ya did?
I'd swear on it if ya did
What if ya did?
What if ya did?
Hey, what if ya did?
I wouldn't care if ya did
But who thought ya would

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Sad and depressing. | Reviewer: Ange P | 2/16/09

Shannon was really struggling with his drug addictions when he wrote this song and was missing his wife and newborn daughter while touring.
The theme is dark and suicidal.
I wish I was there to help him.
RIP Shannon Hoon, you will always be in our hearts.