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Evemaster Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 03:40:37 AM

EVEMASTER had existed in T. Mykkänen's back of mind for over 2 years untill it became reality in early autumn '96. TM asked J. Taskula to join the band with his amazing vocals and then the band was complete. TM made 3 songs during the autumn and so just before new years eve '96-'97 EVEMASTER went into Astia Studios to record their first demo entitled 'In Thine Majesty'. The demo includes the songs:

1. Lacrimae Mundi
2. The Divine Iamblichus
3. Epistelium (the storm rises)

The response for the demo has been utterly positive, and has gained the band a lot of publicity throughout the UG.

The 'In Thine Majesty' demo has been be re-released by two different labels (Topheth Records from Bulgaria and Ancient Ceremonies from Portugal). To the last of the band's knowledge the demo has sold over 2000 copies so far! So now the band has decided to re-release the demo in CD-format. The CD comes in cartoon-sleeve with new art work.

EVEMASTER visited Astia Studios in February '98 in order to record their debut album entitled 'Lacrimae Mundi'. The album was released by KTOK Records (Finland) at the beginning of July '98. The CD was re-released in March '99 by AMP (Poland) in excellent looking digi-pack format. All the art work has been redone. Also the distribution of the CD is growing rapidly.