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Philadelphia's Eve Jihan Jeffers got her first break in the
record business the way many rappers go platinum -- she
walked right through the front door. The story goes
something like this: Some of her friends (who now serve as
her managers) hooked up with producer extraordinaire Dr.
Dre and arranged an impromptu audition for Eve -- well,
kinda,...they never told him that she was coming. "Out of
nowhere they put the tape on and I stood up and started
rapping and he was looking at me like, 'Why is this girl
rapping?'," recalls Eve. More...

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Review about Eve songs
    ------ About the song Love is Blind performed by Eve

Hmmmm what a lovly & reasonable song from a lovly.unique,sensable,vibrant & sexy lady like u. it's quite obvious dat u didn't just stped into d MUSIC INDUSTRY fi a selfish reasons of making MONEY & FAME alone rather, to diseminat QUALITY & POSITIVE messages dat would make dis PLANET EARTH a better place for all wel, whenever i listen to dis song(Lov is Blind), it always remind me of Pains & Sorrows me cousin passed through in d hand of her BABARIC HUSBAND before she DIDE 25th of Decemba, 2013. moreova, me eldest sister still suffer's these same TRAGEDY/PAINS & SORROWS in her matrimania home till date. though, i've done all i could witin me capasity just to salvage d situation yet, no REMEDY. Howeva, tank's to FIRST LADY for making dis lovly song available for us!!! All things been equal, i really really wish to meet u EVE cos, i lov everything about AMERICAN kiss!!!

Lyrics | Reviewer: Scorpsidian
    ------ About the song She Bad Bad performed by Eve

Erm... I think it's

"You know my style already, scorpion, she sting, she lethal" and NOT "You know my style’s already scoopy and she stink," I mean, come on now. That last one doesn't even make sense. Haha!

i think you have a bit wrong | Reviewer: sarah
    ------ About the song As I Grow performed by Eve

isn't it... "and no matter what i always wish success to those who hate me" instead of that..... "And no matter what I never always wish exesive ho's that hate me"
???? i think you have it wrong sorry

Blind love | Reviewer: sweetcandy
    ------ About the song Love is Blind performed by Eve

this song is beautiful. I have seen my mother get beat in front of me for a very long time. And it showed me that nobody deserves to hit, kicked, shoved nothing like that. A person who loves you would never hurt you. So to everybody out their in a realtionship with a no good ass nigga or a wanna be man take my advice leave them. They ain worth your tears. Make it better for yourself. You deserve a prosperious life. May God bless you all.

Ang3lz4477 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love is Blind performed by Eve

i can really reflect on this song cause one of my family members got beat all the time and its horrible that she died. And he didnt even kill her. He threatened her son to do it and omg its so crazy. I cry when i hear this song.

You CAN get out | Reviewer: ladyyy
    ------ About the song Love is Blind performed by Eve

Been in a situation like this.I was 18 weeks pregnant by my ex who beat me.I stayed strong.Cuz i knew deep down NOBODY deserved to be treahted like that.NOBODY.So yeah I still love him, and he is my baby daddy.But i deserve to be happy and loved...not to be beated.And i never want to bring my child in danger!! CUZ if you stay with your kids you bring not only yourself in danger but your kids too!!!And they will always carry the weight with them for the rest of there lives!And what if you die?Your childeren will be in his violence hands!! Do you want that?? GET OUT!!Everybody deserves to be happy and loved.DON'T LET ANYBODY TOUCH YOU IN A WRONG WAY.

Stop the abuse♥ | Reviewer: De'Anna
    ------ About the song Love is Blind performed by Eve

wow this song is so amazing. its also very true. girls always go back to they crazzzziii ass boyfriends if they hit u once they gna do it again. My sister is 4 months pregnant and is so stressed her baby daddy does the same things and she always goes back and lies about the bruises. ill kill his punk ass forreal. JT HENSION I HOPE U READING THIS/// u needa change

just another world | Reviewer: ayala
    ------ About the song Love is Blind performed by Eve

i love this song cause it makes me look back at what happened too me well my boy freind keeps hitting me the hard part was i couldnt leave him cause i was in love with him but now days i couldnt take i just had to move on but he kept sweet talking to me so i cod have sex with him ever nyt he kept slapping me and hiting me like a man but now im happy

Feel the pain | Reviewer: Tiffany
    ------ About the song Love is Blind performed by Eve

The song reflects exactly what happend to my cousin to years ago. she died from repaeted abuse and now has a 2 year old baby girl. the only thing that didnt happen was i didnt shoot him for killing her. cause i know that wouldnt solve anything but i did beat the shit out him to show him what it felt like being beat time a nd time again. and the sad thing is this 25 ye old man got the shit beat out of him by a 15 year old teenager. i dissaprove of any man that beats on a woman and if ur in that type of relationship get out of it u dont have to take it

I've been beat repeatly by my ex | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love is Blind performed by Eve

yea I was in a relationship like that.he beat me and sweet talked me into havin sex wit him.itz over now but I still see him and dis little stupid part of me wanted to be back wit him but I listened to dis song and realized itz not worth it

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