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The L.A. area-trio may still be young, but the core of the
band have been writing and performing together for five
years--developing songs that capture angst and frustration
with a refreshing honesty and poeticism as well as musical
sophistication and raw power.

Nineteen-year-old singer and bass player Max Collins, who
also writes the lyrics, and 18 year-old-guitarist Jon
Siebels have been collaborating together since 1993, drawn
together by a seriousness about playing in a rock band and
a love of punk music. They were signed to The More...

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Reviews about Eve 6 songs

what i think | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Inside Out performed by Eve 6

i think he saying rinds becuse have you ever eaten pork rinds? u need something to drink. They are super dry. I'm just joking but im some-what serious if u get the chance go to a gas station or some-sort of small store and get pork rinds dry as hell. soooo choke on rinds plus tears are salty sooo his throught'l be like a barren dessert. I guess.

Duh. | Reviewer: Drew
    ------ About the song Inside Out performed by Eve 6

Doesn't matter. The whole point is interpretation. All of you are right. It means whatever it means TO YOU. Other people will hear something else, and that's alright. Everybody just calm down and take meaning where you find it.

graduating | Reviewer: E
    ------ About the song Here's To The Night performed by Eve 6

My last day of high school is tomorrow and listening to this song gives me so many mixed emotions thinking back on everything that happened in the past 4 years. I can't believe I'm leaving behind so many friends and memories, it's so sad. I guess everyone must move on eventually.

Too many feelings to be a one night stand... | Reviewer: Willow
    ------ About the song Here's To The Night performed by Eve 6

Personally, I think the song is about two people after a relationship has ended who still has feelings for eachother spending one last night together. The feeling of wanting to stay but knowing that you won't or rather can't. Perhaps I'm reading to much into this lol but I feel there are way too many feelings involved for this to just be a simple one night stand. I've had one night stands. I don't cry because they've left lol. We both knew what it was and said our goodbyes happily the next morning lol. In this song there is too much of a want, in both parties, for them to stay. The deep feelings exhibited by each character in the song does not normally develop for one night stands. Unless they're both psycho lol. Which,hey, could be the case too. It's all subjective, isn't it? Also, another indicator for me that this is longer than one night is the fact that he clearly says nightS. This furthers my notion that they have spent some time together and has/had some sort of
relationship before he decides on the hit it and quit it.

-3- | Reviewer: Ayala
    ------ About the song Think Twice performed by Eve 6

ok, seriously guys, don't take just parts of the song out of context. the first verse, while vague, implies that he's not actually with her. I do believe he's just a friend of hers, and is admiring her from afar. I've had friends who i didn't know where in love with me for years before they told me. The refrain is clear that he's being protective of her.

Second verse it's a little more obvious that they're just friends. He's waiting patiently with his fingers crossed, she cried on his shoulder, begging please.

This song is indeed kick ass, and should be revered. <3 Eve 6

Get real | Reviewer: A REAL eve 6 fan
    ------ About the song Think Twice performed by Eve 6

On a further note with the fellas who commented on this before me I'm gonna have to agree, who wouldnt want a sick ass song like this in thier movie? But twilight? Get real. My ten year old sister wouldn't even watch that load of shit. Its garbage. Eve 6 was out and popular long before the writer of twilight shit that stupid movie outta his ass. So grow up,

hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Here's To The Night performed by Eve 6

this song makes me think about going away to college and it is a couple that are leaving each other and even though they say they are going to stay together they both kind of know this is where it ends and it's not going to last but it was good while it did and this is there last night together

not a graduation song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Here's To The Night performed by Eve 6

I agree, it's a song about a one night stand...sorry. First verse: Lied to her (and maybe himself), he's going to be gone in a day. Second: asking her if she's going to be okay w/ that. Chorus: he's toasting to the one night stand and kind of saying to her she knew it was coming but will still cry. Third: 'put your name on the line" as in a notch in the bedpost. And the rest is like he's saying he wants to stay but knows he won't. That's just my interpretation. As much as I would like it to be a great graduation song, I don't think it is

faggots | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Think Twice performed by Eve 6

TWILIGHT IS FOR HOMOS eve 6 is way to friggin awsome for faggot ass movies this song was released years before that stupid movie came out and jsut because a song is in a movie doesnt mean it was produced for that gay ass piece of media such as twilight get your 12 year old heads out of your asses and stop just jumping on music bandwaggons you douchebagspeople like you ruin bands for the rest of us

enough. | Reviewer: lauren
    ------ About the song Think Twice performed by Eve 6

enough with twilight and this song and eve 6 all together. hopefully this will clear up some information for those dumb asses out there.

one. twilight(the movie) came out in 2008.
two. this song was written and produced and released in 2003.
three. thats 5 whole years AFTER eve 6 wrote produced and released think twice
four. twilight(the movie) came out in 2008
five. thats 5 WHOLE YEARS AFTER.

i dont even SEE! how people think that this amazing song was written for a shitty movie like twilight...im not arguing im just stating a SIMPLE fact.

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