Evans Blue Lyrics

VOX– Matisyn
GUITAR – Parker Lauzon
GUITAR – Vlad Tanaskovic
BASS – Joe Pitter
DRUMS– Darryl Brown

The connection exists somewhere between the melody and the
energetic nature of volume. When seen at this level, you
can see how the shapes deviate from the original sources,
and you will soon see five as one. Please remember to mark
your words and speak them with a cadence that appears to be
reckless but is also cultured by the sights and sounds
coming from your cheap stereo. In the corner of this room,
there exists a grouping that More...

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Reviews about Evans Blue songs

no ones know, only kevin but... | Reviewer: maggie sparrow
    ------ About the song Beg performed by Evans Blue

...the first time i heard this song, i thought he was talking 'bout a prostitute...
However, i been listening to this lyrics over and over and i now know that it is not...
plis tell us!...

Sorrow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Beg performed by Evans Blue

I feel as if you could hear and feel the disappointment and frustration that runs within his voice. Also, it's obvious it has to do with an ex love, finding himself to want her to beg for what they used to be. Confusing :/

i think.... | Reviewer: greenlefty
    ------ About the song Beg performed by Evans Blue

i think it's all about this one girl who he's had before seems to be always new and yet she always leaves him but comes for 1 thing like in the end "you got what you want and now i'm gone but for how long" and also he's like saying she's reaching failure because maybe he's not the type of guy she is suppose to be with to the public and also he's like beg me as if she needs to beg for another time/night with him but then she tells him how she wants to be loved for that moment and the part where he's like you better Fucking love her is for the other guys she's with when she's not with him or wantin him Idk confusing but kewl

Beg | Reviewer: Scotty
    ------ About the song Beg performed by Evans Blue

I think that he and his girlfriend broke up. The sinner is a new girl he went with to make her jealous, and even though every other guy wants the new girl he has he is still stuck up on his ex hoping she begs him to come back but she's moved on with someone else. In the end he realizes how pathetic he was for letting her go in the first place.

..... | Reviewer: Lauraaaa
    ------ About the song Q performed by Evans Blue

i listen to a lot of music, but this song is one of the best that i've heard in a long time. evans blue is such an unerrated band (no one i know has heard of them) and they need to be on the radio more....and not just their singles like beg and the pursuit. regardless, i loooooooove this song....easily in my top ten list of any artist ever! if you haven't bought their CDs...buy em now!

Beg... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Beg performed by Evans Blue

This sounds kind of like the singer broke the girl's heart, and now he's starting to see that maybe he made a mistake by leaving her.

When I first heard this song, I was listening to an Evans Blue CD really low while on the phone with my ex-boyfriend. Him and I have the strangest relationship; weboth love the other to death and don't want the other to ever forget, but we just can't be together for one reason or another. I asked him to go onto his laptop and read me the lyrics to the song because I couldn't hear them very clearly, and when he did, his voice broke halfway through the song. In a wa this kind of feels like what we've been going through.

I loved this song <3

She's Wasn't Going to Wait Around for Him to Love Her | Reviewer: Deena
    ------ About the song Beg performed by Evans Blue

I think he broke up with her and broke her heart, then she's taking a huge risk by moving clear across the country to vegas. He regrets he let her go and wants her back. He realizes he lost her forever.

This time its no ones fault | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Dark That Follows performed by Evans Blue

This song is amazing. It tells about how things just couldn't be worked out. Neither one of them messed things up it just didn't work out.

"This time its no ones fault"

Yet, he has this need to share his feelings and release his frustration over how things turned out.

"You're just the disease that was in my life"

Just my 2 cents :D Great song. Keep them coming Evans Blue!

break up song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Beg performed by Evans Blue

i think this is a break up song, were the girl has moved on n the guy she move don with is kind of using her n when she realised it her ex is finally over her.

Sounds like its about a breakup. | Reviewer: animeternal
    ------ About the song Beg performed by Evans Blue

In a sense. It seems she's moved on without the guy, with someone else, and the guy sees her as a whore for leaving him in a sense. He's bitter and angry but he still loves her so much, so he hopes her new guy isn't an a-hole and takes care of her, hence why he says "risking failure", cause the guy might just drop her after a fling. The song basically shows the guy's resolution of his past emotions with this girl and can finally let her go to whatever crap she's gotten herself into.

At least, that's how I see it. xD It's a song for those who have been cheated.

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