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Release Date: 10/03/2006
Tracks in The Open Door: Sweet Sacrifice, Call Me When You're Sober, Weight Of The World, Lithium, Cloud Nine, Snow White Queen, Lacrymosa, Like You, Lose Control, The Only One, Your Star, All That I'm Living For, Good Enough, Bonus Track, The Last Song I'm Wasting On You

The Open Door Album Tracklist

Still love the group! | Reviewer: Darrell | 3/9/13

I'!m 44 years old and still think Amy Lee is the greatest Female singer ever. Her voice sends chills down my spine. Not to mention she has the looks to go with the voice, Beautiful!!!! Wish they would do another album.

If so, I'm not getting another Evanescence album.... | Reviewer: singwhatyoucan'tsay | 6/4/10

"This CD is a lot darker."

Okay...I think Fallen was dark enough for my tastes, thank you very much.

I wish people wouldn't compare this band to Within Temptation. WT is compared to Nightwish. I thought Evanescence would be like Nightwish...just see my review of Fallen to see how disappointed I was...for a while I hesitated on buying something by WT, but then I got The Heart of Everything and I gained confidence in what is now my favorite genre of rock music (symphonic heavy metal).

If you like Evanescence, buy anything by Nightwish (Century Child is their darkest album, but nowhere near as dark as Fallen was. I also suggest the collector's edition of Dark Passion Play.) or Within Temptation.

paper_flowers | Reviewer: paper_flowers | 10/17/07

evanescence rule<3
all their albums are just fantastic.
love them to death
i wish one day i have the cjance to see them live.


WOW! | Reviewer: Ricardo | 9/10/07

As usual, u guys jus keep getting better and better everytime. I love evanescence with everything i have.

It's just GREAT! | Reviewer: Calvin | 8/22/07

Well you've done it again Amy! I just love the whole album it's GREAT! im a big fan of yours and every song that you wirte has a different meaning thats what makes them so special so keep on the good work! EVANESCENCE YOU ROCK! ^_^

best album | Reviewer: ulil | 3/26/07

amy lee n her friends at evanescence, berhasil ngeluarin album the open door yg mnurut aQ bner2 "GiLa",,,, Dalam sekali dengar,, aku bisa ngerasain klu aku merinding,,this good music, sound and vocal..efect yg di buat bnr2 kental ROOOOCK.. i like this

Mmm... | Reviewer: perfectly-messy | 10/16/06

A few years back, I saw the video of "Bring to Me life", then the movie "Daredevil". After that moment, Evanescence has been my fav band. Then "Going Under", "My Immortal" and lastly "Everybody's Fool". Those 4 songs captured me. And because I got Fallen by then, I've been listening to that for days...And waiting for this new album at the same time.

Well my comments about this album??? "Sweet sacrifice" is great sweet, then "Call me when you're sober" is good(a lil emo lol), "Snow White queen" is pretty good...This CD is a lot darker...(most people know that) and I'm afraid Evanescence is not my fav band anymore...Most of the songs off this CD sound the same...yeah Amy's voice is greater than ever, the guitars are good as well...But something is missing...(mmm...Ben Moody perhaps?) Oh and "Good enough" is pretty good as well.

Give it a 3.5/5

Ignore My Last Post | Reviewer: Mr Squishy | 10/16/06

Ive had a good listen to the album and I really like it!!
Weight of the World is a good song and I like Lithium!

I really like it! | Reviewer: Mr Squishy | 10/9/06

I really like Call Me When Your Sober and Sweet Sacrifice but all the other songs just seemed to mix into one.
But that might change because I havnt really had a good shot at listening to them.

One of the best albums I have ever heard.... | Reviewer: Evaggelia | 9/25/06

From the first time I heard it...I was like...wow! It is much better than I could expected....All the songs are so soulfull and beautiful...I am sure you gonna like it...especially if you are a real fan of Evanescence!!!

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