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Release Date: 03/04/2003
Tracks in Fallen: Going Under, Bring Me To Life, Everybody's Fool, My Immortal, Haunted, Tourniquet, Imaginary, Taking Over Me, Hello, My Last Breath, Whisper

Fallen Album Tracklist

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Kate | 11/20/12

this is the best album ever amy lee is soo pretty i luv her style and she sings like a fallen angel! and all your haters back off dont try to make the point that you dont like her cause i get it!OK? and hey sis? YOU DONT LIKE EVANSCENSE? WTF? kidding lol !love you guys!XoXo

Wrong! | Reviewer: luvofmusic | 6/24/12

No They're not a "pop rock" band and They never claimed to be "gothic" Amy Lee said in a interview "We're definitely a rock band, but the twist is that are bands music is epic, dramatic, darker rock" so yea if your willing to listin to their music then try to at least Know them before you judge them cause they are a genuine very talented band that the mainstream so happend to put a label on as "goth" and or "emo" Their Neither they simply have there own style.

SecretsofyourSkin | Reviewer: Tori | 11/22/10

So I do love Amy Lee's voice, she really does have a talent. Her voice is beautiful, haunting, and powerful....But I must agree this band is a pop version of Nightwish and Within Temptation, though NO ONE can compare to Tarja's voice. I believe Amy Lee's talented voice should go with a talented real Goth band, not a pop rock band.

This album has "Fallen" out of my CD collection.... | Reviewer: singwhatyoucan'tsay | 4/24/10

Okay, it looks like I'm the only one who DOESN'T like this band. Really, this is a pop version of Nightwish and Within Temptation. The reason I bought this CD is because they were compared to Nightwish...And I LOVE Nightwish.

How wrong I was. This is "goth" music? Please. It's pop that is pretending to be goth. And the lyrics...their really badly written, and I think they're really stupid. Because every song is about how depressed and alone someone feels. Amy Lee needs voice lessons...Tarja from Nightwish is SO much better than she is.

I read somewhere they were described as being "beautiful, sorrowful, melodic, brutal, and terrifying all at once." It went something like that.

If you want a CD that fits the above description, go buy a CD called Songs From The Archives by a band named Crimson Moonlight.

A word of advice: Don't judge Songs From The Archives (or Crimson Moonlight) by the cover picture, their music has helped me stay connected to Jesus during hard times.

awesome | Reviewer: perla teeny | 8/3/09

this album and all the other evanescence albums are really really awesome I've never seen a band as great as evanescnce specially with the presence of amy lee and her beautiful voice who makes this band sucsessful and just one thing evanescence rocks

Love this album! | Reviewer: Emma | 12/22/08

omfg i LOVE it!!!!!!
It's one of my fave albums!
The song Hello is absolutely breath-taking, but when i saw the video for Hello, it made it even more breath-taking.
Hello is defintely the best song on there in my opinion...
others i love are Everybody's Fool, Bring me to life, Haunted and My Immortal
Beautiful CD, Beautiful voice, Amy!

OMFG | Reviewer: Lyn | 9/9/07

OMFG this is a good CD. I was forced by my friends to listen to it (i didn't think it'd be good, as I've never heard of her before) but OMFG it's great!

love it | Reviewer: aryenne | 7/31/07

i love this cd so much that i burned it and drew the cover and wrote a lyrics booklet to go with it. as a matter of fact i'm listening to it right now!

OH MY GOD! | Reviewer: Jessica | 4/12/06

OH MY GOD! This CD rocks!!! Amy's heavenly voice backed by heavey guitars and classical piano make it unique and a all time favorite for anyone who listens to it. Every single track is breath taking. The whole CD is worth buying.

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