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Eva Cassidy was born 2 February 1963. Growing up in a
musical family on the outskirts of Washington, DC, she sang
as a small child and later learned to play the guitar. Even
then as a child she had an amazing gift for perfect
harmony, and on family outings, she would sing, harmonising
perfectly with the music from the car radio. Her father, a
teacher of children with learning disabilities and a
part-time musician, formed a family band with Eva, her
brother Danny, on violin, and himself on bass. She endured
school, preferring her own More...

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Review about Eva Cassidy songs
Looping | Reviewer: Chris Garrett
    ------ About the song How Can I Keep From Singing? performed by Eva Cassidy

I turn the volume up on my Bose and loop How Can I Keep from Singing for hours. I can't sing along ... who could? But I silently sing and even gesture, pointing to the sky on the very high notes. This is on my list of songs to be played at my memorial. So sad we lost this talented and inspirational talent way too soon. I am blessed that I lived in the DC area and experienced Eva in person. You must listen to this song. I am a Unitarian Universalist ... this hymn is in our hymnal ... but our version is very dull ... wish we could sing the Eva arrangement.

thought provoking | Reviewer: Candy Schroeder
    ------ About the song Anniversary Song performed by Eva Cassidy

Wow - this song is beautiful. I titled the review "thought provoking" because I kept listening to the song over and over - first, because it was Eva singing it and I cannot help but be drawn in to her melancholy tone and bittersweet story, but also, because the story behind this song does not reveal itself right away. You have to try and feel this song first before you can see it through the lens of the writer. I at first thought it was about a young love gone wrong. I have come to instead believe it is about an older woman perhaps even elderly, that has lived way beyond her beloved, yet she remembers him, celebrates him, and even sings with him, until they meet again. The last word in the song is "goodnight" which leads you to believe that it will not be long before she joins him in heaven.

Bittersweet | Reviewer: DJC
    ------ About the song Anniversary Song performed by Eva Cassidy

A bittersweet song that tugs at the heart strings not just for its beauty, but for the story of its short lived singer. In a world where so many talented people throw their lives away needlessly, it's heart wrenching to learn this woman fought so valiantly to keep her's. That's what makes this song so bittersweet, listening to her sing "I never thought I'd get this old dear..."

RIP, Eva... I'm just sorry it took me 16 years to discover you.

there are many out there but i found this that help me. | Reviewer: Bill
    ------ About the song How Can I Keep From Singing? performed by Eva Cassidy

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Stormy Monday | Reviewer: Kay Anderson
    ------ About the song Stormy Monday performed by Eva Cassidy

I sing lead in a band called the Dixonville Chicks and this is one of my favorite songs to perform. I can get down and sing this with so much soul. I feel like I can create what the composer wanted people to get out of this song. Whoever wrote this JEWEL...you done good!!!

So good | Reviewer: Timmy
    ------ About the song Fields of Gold performed by Eva Cassidy

I first heard it from Sting, and yes that's the original version. And I loved the song from then on. But after hearing Eva's cover, I loved it even more, to the extent that Eva's cover imo is even much much better than Sting's original performance!

12/12/2010 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Somewhere over the rainbow performed by Eva Cassidy

My dad had me look up this version when I wanted to learn it, and I totally have to thank Him! Eva Cassidy totally kicks butt! She puts more emotion into the song than I thought possible. I love this song! :)

How about attributing the actual author!!?? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dark Eyed Molly performed by Eva Cassidy

This beautiful song was written back in the 60s by Archie Fisher of Scotland (still performing). This girl is only covering it like many others before her, and doesn't do it as well as Archie still does.

I say "amen" to the one below me, and a prayer for the child below him. | Reviewer: Rocco Borama
    ------ About the song How Can I Keep from Singing? performed by Eva Cassidy

All I have to say is, that as a musician, I have made it clear that this song will be played at my funeral. Yes I still cry most times I hear it, and as a KC blues player, have worked up my version but cannot perform it due to the emotion it evokes.

The Strength of Love Through that Incredible Voice | Reviewer: Prof. Juan Manuel Alonso D.
    ------ About the song How Can I Keep from Singing? performed by Eva Cassidy

It's strange how things happen. I got to somebody's blog by chance, and there it was a comment about a wonderful singer (in the unknown blogger's opinion)and the title of a song, "How Can I Keep From Singing?", meaningful enough to make me feel curious. A click on a link, and a totally simple black page came up with just controls for a sound player. Then, a click on the "play button", and magic started: music started, and after a few seconds a voice so sweet, so strong, that I couldn't help but listen to it right to the end. When it was over, I couldn't resist playing it back, and then back again. Meanwhile, I was having the feeling of hearing a black singer singing a heart-felt, moving, black soul song. I had never heard that singer before. I hadn't heard her name before. Not resisting my curiosity, searched for her through the Internet. And there she was: Eva Cassidy. To my amazement, a beautiful blonde woman, with the soul and the voice of a black singer. Who says skin color is an issue? Our Creator paints in multicolor, and it looks, sounds and feels marvelous!

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