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FORMED: 1980, London, England

For lovers of incandescent pop, Peace is like manna from
heaven. . . new music from Eurythmics. "We should've jumped
out of that airplane after all," Annie Lennox sings, in the
gorgeous "17 Again," and the listener is transported again
- to the unique aesthetic sphere of Annie and Dave's
unmistakable vocals, indelible melodies and trademark
musical risk-taking and ambition. There are indeed echoes,
in the 11 potential classics that comprise the new album,
of vintage Eurythmics ("Sweet More...

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Review about Eurythmics songs
best songs | Reviewer: heather lees
    ------ About the song Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) performed by Eurythmics

My top 10 songs are all in order.

10.Party rock antum L.M.F.A.O.
9.Jar of harts Sleana gomez.
8.Call me maybe Rae jeapson.
7.The fload Take that.
6.Poker face Lady gaga.
5.Ring on it Beonce.
4.At last I see the light Repunsel and Flyn.
3.Fire to the rain Edale.
2.Lipstick Jedward.
1.sweat dreams are made of this Eurythmics.

rong lyrics | Reviewer: PooPoo
    ------ About the song I've Got A Life performed by Eurythmics

in the 2nd from last paragraph it reads all im asking for is tenderness but in the song it is all im asking is , for tenderness. i no this because i had to learn the song for drama thanks PooPoo x

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