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Ettison Clio Biography

Last updated: 10/10/2007

East Lansing: Fall, 2001
Stephanie Gunther (vocals)
Brian Roop (guitars)
JP Niemiec (guitars)
Jared Nisch (bass)
John Ostler (drums)

Ettison Clio is a tough band to pigeonhole, genre-wise. Calling the band ‘emo’ (while somewhat accurate) is a major short-sell, as it completely disregards the catchy, intertwined, almost poppy rhythm guitar parts the band weaves together. However, calling the band ‘pop’ is a disservice to the occasions when the band completely balls-out rocks, and calling the band ‘rock’ just doesn’t allow proper credit for the delicate passages and lulling melodies that tend to flow from Ettison Clio’s body of work.

All genre delegations aside, the real underlying strength to Ettison Clio is the band’s songwriting, which manages to tie together these emo, pop and rock elements to create a strong vehicle for this group of talented musicians. Whether the backing rhythms are chunking out rock riffs or subtly weaving together delicate melody lines, they always seem to create the right mood for Stephanie Gunther’s admittedly lovely, yet forceful vocals.

It may be difficult to exactly classify Ettison Clio’s overall sound, but regardless of exactly how it gets classified, it’s definitely easy enough to say that this band stands head and shoulders above most other acts attempting to pull off similar sounds. --Gary Blackwell