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Black enchanting eyes,
cut through my heart
with no regret or sign of life
They tear apart my pride
and cold runs through my veins
I feel their stare from miles
haunting every step
and they won't stop hunting me down
Forget the time will come,
when all around me's burned
and you'll still see me there
Asking where you went too
and what person brought you here
And why you left the burning children
cold out in the night
and calling for you all alone...

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Dark in their hearts,
I can feel it burn inside of me
Tormented young with no souls, haunting me
Pain in their lives all they know is misery
Take these chains away that are holding me down
(Holding me down)

They'll find you alone
and your desperate and villainous ways
Turning their hearts into stone
they seek more than vengeance
Look in their eyes your pain is their satisfaction
Look in their eyes and see the darkness take hold
Lives controlled by faith (waiting for)
Tired of your parade (waiting for)
No sign of fair chance (waiting for)
Burn for the rest of time (waiting)

Hear the haunting words (They'll find you alone)
lost children with no heart are crying (Turning their hearts into stone)
and you're the lost mother they're calling
Go now, run and hide (seek more than vengeance)
I hear them crying at night (your pain is their satisfaction)
outside when the planets are falling (for the rest of time)
They want to feel and know you hear them (Go now, run and hide)

Dark in their hearts,
I can feel it burn inside of me
Tormented young with no souls, haunting me
Pain in their lives all they know is misery
Take these chains away that are holding me down
(holding me down)

Go now
Run and hide

Eternal rest in time
Eternal rest in time

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A7X is uhhmaezzing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/13

A7X is so amazing! I love all of their music. Personally I like their harder stuff like in Sounding the Seventh Trumpet and Waking the Fallen. Their newer stuff is cool too. They are currently working on their seventh (counting Live in the LBC and Diamonds in the Rough) album and it's supposed to be something unlike anything We've ever heard. Can't wait for it!

Holy shit | Reviewer: nithya | 1/7/10

I Love A7X to death! No shit! And the Rev passing is like one of the saddest ways to end the year 2009. That was a shit year. I really hope a7x can some how be able to make music as good as this piece(and others) in the future.
r.i.p. the rev

A7X CAN DO ME! | Reviewer: Anna K | 5/21/08

holy shit i love a7x more than life. this song is me and my best friend megans poledancin' song and we both have gone to evry a7x concert in florida for the 2007-2008 year! I LOVEEE YOU! and this song lmao

Reply to CANTFINKOFANYFING | Reviewer: Nix | 8/30/07

You're not crazy :) As far as I know, they're new album is just gonna be called Avenged Sevenfold (correct me anyone if I'm wrong!).

As for this song, pure brilliance :D
Roll on October!

i need a REPLY | Reviewer: CANTFINKOFANYFING | 5/25/07

u may think im crazy not noing this but whats there next album gonna be called?? Anyway a7x are the best. I dont think there ever gonna split up and they kick as against all the other pussy bands. A7x rock! o and this is my noo fav song at the moment. mum thinks im crazy cus i watch Eternal rest live at am ring germany over and over on youtube. Ok now im just going crazy so ill shut up now. bye.

AWESOME | Reviewer: VonShredfast | 5/12/07

Avenged Sevenfold are my favourite band.
This song has a church organ in it.
That makes it REALLY awesome.

THIS SONG ROCKS | Reviewer: synystervengence | 5/2/07

A7X is the greatest band around today. Ive been listening to their 3 albums for a few years now and the songs just don't get old. They are by far my favorite band and well the reasons behind that are that syn gates and zacky vengeance are the two greatest guitarists alive today. Zacky played To end the Rapture (which demonstrated amazing skill) and syn with his solos in MIA, eternal rest, betrayed, i wont see you tonight part 1 and 2, well pretty much any of thier songs are amazing. Shadows is an amazing vocalist, he had throat problems though so he can still scream but they're and evolving band and honeslty i like the changes. It makes their songs hard to burn out on. The Rev, or drummer for those who dont know, well, he just is psychotic and needs to keep doing his thing like in bat country the drums are amazing. And Johnny Christ the bassist well ive never heard anybody as clear and as good as him. They're the guns 'n roses of the day. Except syn wont be kicked out like slash cuz axl rose's head got to big. But these guys are the best band around today.

great song! | Reviewer: Mike | 3/13/07

Avenged Sevenfold is definitely far and beyond my favourite band today. Waking the Fallen is pure genius, while City of Evil, though different, offers great material as well. Eternal Rest is such a great song off of Waking the Fallen, but then again, I can not say any of their songs is bad. They are all great pieces of music.

Good job A7X, can't wait until your new album coming out in October!!

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