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Bliss N Eso Eso's Rappertag Lyrics

Last updated: 10/09/2011 12:00:00 PM

Yeah, you better tell ‘em Macka is back
Cos damn right, I’m the rapper to tag
I’m a mix between Wilfred and Massive Attack
Got the world wide interweb cracking a fat
In fact, I’m like Black Dynamite
Fresh like a jar of Vaginamite
I bring seven hours of heavy showers
Jet ski flow; Kenny Powers
That’s why real heads show respect
Cos they know that I know the ledge
Uh.. so watch me heat it up next
Then fuck with you like Peter does Meg
Can I beat it up? Yes, grab the reefer, let’s jet
Shut shit down, man, I keep ‘em in check
Uh.. so fuck the stage fright
And all the hoes who can’t spell my name right
But seriously, don’t laugh
This is the part that I couldn’t go past
60 came to mine trying to go hard
Split his pancreas open up with a go-kart
And all I saw was whistling sirens
All because my missus was driving
And ever since I could piss in the tub
Mate, I’ve been able to do this with my thumb…
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