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In the name of it's for you I
Bought it all and it's all untrue I
Know, i'm a little slow
Desparate and it shows

In the name of Spindustry a
Burning bush and a busted knee you
Stole, all the rain and snow

Who will be my Eskimo
It's what I wanna know
It's time to under go
Somewhere in Mexico
I'm making room for you
A Simple Point of view
Someone TO DEFER to

Searching for an eskimo
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Searching and I wanna know, someone, like you
What did they say
Desperate and I gotta go
Searching for an eskimo, someone, like you

In the name of Jesus Christ I
Sold my son and I named my price I
Sold, just a little low

Who will be my eskimo
That's what I wanna know
Before I under go
Somewhere in Mexico
I'm making room for you
A Simple point of view
Someone TO DEFER to

Ooooooh aw
Searching for an eskimo
Searching and I wanna know, someone, like you
Hey hey hey
Desperate and I gotta go
Searching for an eskimo, someone, like you

In the name of Oscar Wilde I
Saw the mess and I saw he smiled I
Go, toe to toe in the whole
World to find an eskimo

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hesus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/11

I'm not realy a huge Chili fan but I came across this song and think it's awsome,my interpretation of the meannig of Eskimo is kinda like someone who will be your spiritual guide and maybe your lover at the same time :P.....

In the name of spindustry | Reviewer: Jim Andrews | 10/28/10

A correction. "In the name of spending street" should be "In the name of spindustry".

Spindustry as in Californication.

I don't understand why Eskimo isn't regarded as one of their best songs.

It repays repeated listenings musically and lyrically.

Lyrically, repeated listenings suggest that what the eskimo stands for is someone innocent of or unaffected by spindustry, consumerist, capitalist brainwashing. The speaker has "bought it all and it's all untrue". He's looking for a simple point of view that isn't corrupted by the avarice and dullness of spindustry. But doesn't have much of a sense that it exists.

Musically, it's quite a beautiful, thoughtful piece from the um seventeenth century style piano we hear at the start to the beautiful harmonies of the hook. Anthony sings this simply but with power. His approach to singing is about as close as we're going to get to the eskimo. Just beautiful.

Emotion | Reviewer: RedHott | 2/3/10

Tis was definitely coined by Froosh, the emotion and odd sound definitely are typical of his style. Personally I believe RHCP should compile all of their B-sides as well - I have 45 of them on my computer.

Awesome | Reviewer: Killerkyle1994 | 11/1/09

All The RHCP B-sides Need To Be Released On a Compilation Album cuz it's all good material that needs more attention i mean this one "Bunker Hill" "River Of Avalon" "Time" "Out Of Ranger" "Teenagers In Love" "Joe" "Bob" and all the other ones im not gonna sit here and name lol...but good stuff feels good to know ur a big enough fan to know these songs, i mean even the libe b-sides...just brilliant band...brilliant writers

awesom | Reviewer: jacktheripper | 9/5/07

The red hot chili peppers know that there doing. awsom album
listen to river of avalon, or out of range or even time
good material

Eskimo | Reviewer: Vlady | 7/30/07

It's pretty cool! I don't have a clue as to why the song was never officially published... As to the strange sound to it, i'll bet anything that Fruschiante has done almost all the composing! Sounds just like his doing! You should listen to his albums, weirdest shit i've ever listened to!

amazingly random | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/07

this song is one of the best most peculiar chili's songs I've heard by the chilis, it is awesome!!

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