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Everybody one has to grow up at some point. But while
society’s norms suggest that each of us must pass through
the door from child hood into inevitable adulthood at age
eighteen – it’s never been that clearly defined. Even in
the musical community, first ep's and albums are sometimes
looked upon with a smiling fondness that borders on
embarrassment, as musicians thank their lucky stars that
they’ve finally grown up.

For Perth based three piece Eskimo Joe their time is now.
Having released their debut EP ‘Sweater’ in 1998 and its More...

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Reviews about Eskimo Joe songs

Straight from the horses mouth. | Reviewer: candi
    ------ About the song London Bombs performed by Eskimo Joe

I was at their concert in august, and before they performed "london bombs" they told the crowd that there was alot of confusion around this song, that people thought they wrote it about something to do with the bombings in london. he told us that he wanted to correct everyone out there that it had nothing to do with the bombings. it was actually about him being in london recording and being away from his loved ones, not being able to get in contact with anyone and how hard it was for him.

FLY AWAY | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sarah performed by Eskimo Joe

Who really cares what the song is about? Who cares what it means to the Eski Joe? Its all about how YOU feel about the song or how the song makes you feel. Thats what music is all about people not some hidden meaning that can only be seen by the artist or if the artist explains it to us.

.... | Reviewer: Holli
    ------ About the song London Bombs performed by Eskimo Joe

i absolutely love this song and did frm the first time i heard it!
its so deep and nearly makes me cry 2 think about all the loved 1s lost in the london bombs... GO ESKIMO JOE!!! i love all the work u do

Curiously unsympathetic | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song London Bombs performed by Eskimo Joe

Its about the bombing of London, with which the band appears to be sympathising right up until they call London a 'dirty little town on the Thames'.

The proud, bloodied but unbowed people of London thank you for this description.

Silly kids. | Reviewer: Molly
    ------ About the song Sarah performed by Eskimo Joe

You're all wrong.
When performing this on tv the host asked him who Sarah is & he replied
"Sarah is just a friend who asked me to write a song about her, so i did"
And then goes into detail about how She moved to England a bit before it was released.

Haha, funny readin all your opinions though.

Molly. xx

Breaking Up.............good tune | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Breaking Up performed by Eskimo Joe

Does it..............does it mean, breaking up is always a tough choice to make. This song asks that question as we all try to figure out the mind set of the other and the complexities that make or break relationships. One of my favorites on the CD.

Heartfelt | Reviewer: Tierraaa.
    ------ About the song London Bombs performed by Eskimo Joe

To the person who said about it repeating 'london bombs' alot, well did you ever think that was in an effort to emphasise it, and to show the repetition of the events rolling over in people's brains, people who are traumatised by the whole happenings.
i, for one, love this song, eskimo joe's crisp sound suits the music, and the song is heartfelt, warm and mostly..tragic.
beauty has been made by this song.

Wow, an amazing song. | Reviewer: Travis
    ------ About the song New York performed by Eskimo Joe

I keep hearing it as I am shopping in Express for Men, in the mall. I am glad I finally found it and who sang it. Great song.

the best hing ever | Reviewer: michael
    ------ About the song Who Sold Her Out performed by Eskimo Joe

Personally i love this song. Eskimo Joe is an awesome band and this song compeletes there style 100%. But does anyone no what this song is about??
ps joe.k it michael

Fantastic Song | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song London Bombs performed by Eskimo Joe

This is one of the most haunting songs Ive heard in a long time... It speaks of a longing and desperation, and gives me a feeling of loss... To do this with a pop song is an achievement. It shows us that we are all people, and that events such as this have a great effect on not only those involved but their loved ones and relatives.

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