Eskimo Joe Albums

  • Wastelands Album (9/20/2013)
    Every Harmony
    Got What You Need
    How Was I To Know
    Keep It Coming
    Last Beacon Light
    Not Alone
    Running Out Of Needs
    Sad Song
    What You Want

  • Ghosts Of The Past Album (8/12/2011)
    Gave It All Away
    When We Were Kids
    Love Is A Drug
    Speeding Car
    Ghosts Of The Past
    Just Don't Feel
    Drowning In The Fear
    Words Of Avoidance
    Sky's On Fire
    Just Don't Feel (Wastelands Version)

  • Inshalla Album (7/14/2009)
    Foreign Land
    Losing Friends Over Love
    The Sound Of Your Heart
    Childhood Behaviour
    Don't Let Me Down
    Falling For You (Intro)
    Falling For You
    Losing My Mind
    Your Eyes
    Please Elise
    Morning Light

  • Black Fingernails, Red Wine Album (5/12/2006)
    Beating Like A Drum
    Black Fingernails, Red Wine
    Breaking Up
    How Does It Feel?
    London Bombs
    New York
    Setting Sun
    Suicide Girl
    This Is Pressue
    This Is Pressure

  • A Song Is A City Album (5/16/2004)
  • Girl Album (3/21/2004)

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    Reviews about Eskimo Joe albums

    hi | Reviewer: kerrin
        ------ About the album Black Fingernails, Red Wine performed by Eskimo Joe

    i bought this album last year for my boyfriend of a year he loved it so much he played it over and over and over till we bot got sick of it. he passed away otobr last ear and every time i listen to this music it instntly gives me memories...

    girl is awesome | Reviewer: poo
        ------ About the album Girl performed by Eskimo Joe

    this is the best eskimo joe album out.
    i love the song "who sold her out"

    a song is a city= a great album | Reviewer: poo
        ------ About the album A Song Is A City performed by Eskimo Joe

    a song is a city deserves 4 and a half stars.
    great album.
    love the songs"from the sea" and "smoke".

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