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Feel no pain, but my life ain't easy
I know I'm my best friend
No one cares, but I'm so much stronger
I'll fight until the end
To escape from the true false world
Undamaged destiny
Can't get caught in the endless circle
Ring of stupidity

Out for my own, out to be free
One with my mind, they just can't see
No need to hear things that they say
Life's for my own to live my own way

Rape my mind and destroy my feelings
Don't tell me what to do
I don't care now, 'cause I'm on my side
And I can see through you
Feed my brain with your so called standards
Who says that I ain't right
Break away from your common fashion
See through your blurry sight


See them try to bring the hammer down
No damn chains can hold me to the ground

Life's for my own to live my own way

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Finally played live.... | Reviewer: Gouki | 6/16/12

'Tallica is gonna play Ride the Lightning in it's entirety at the Orion festival this weekend. So at least ONE video will eventually be on youtube. I just hope it's high quality and not a bootleg.

Escape is my favorite Metallica song. | Reviewer: EscapeFan2013 | 6/16/12

Escape is possibly the best song that they have ever written. It's short, sweet, simple and to the point. It kind of reminds me of something that would be on one of my old NASCAR games. I absolutely adore this song mostly because it's my favorite song. I love it and I can't wait to hear it live in a week!

why?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/11

i've noticed metallica doesn't play Escape in ther gigs i've opened you tube to see Escape live but i didn't see any thing but lyrics i hope metallica play it it's very great song
-sorry for my bad English-

Filler song??? Give me a break | Reviewer: Todd seen tallica 13 times | 6/18/11

I have been a Metallica fan since 1983 and have seen them 13 times in Southern California. Escape, Blackened, Bleeding Me, The Four Horsemen, The Wait, Damage INC, Orion, Escape is one of my favorites!!

That Hit Single. | Reviewer: The Knight | 2/6/11

Well, I do love this song, but 'Kit' is right. It was created as mostly just a filler song. But Hetfield is the only one who really hates it, and when I say he hates it, I mean he REALLY hates it. James claims that this song was written to be a "Radio hit." All of their songs have 'deep' meanings to them, except for this one. (At least according to him)
This song is literally about an escaped prisoner on the run.
It's never been fully played live, only started a few times by the band (excluding James, he Refuses to play it) he's even cursed at the rest of the band once or twice when they tried to play it.

to the person below me. | Reviewer: Brett Davidson | 1/21/11

wow that was deep bro.

anyways, Love this song, seemed familiar when i first heard it... but my dad use to blast ride the lightning all the time when I was a little kid so that's probably why. I still remember jumping on his bed when I was 4 while he blasted Trapped Under Ice... so there's no doubt i heard this one as well.

god you people | Reviewer: kit | 1/3/11

it's a filler song
they needed to put one more song on rtl and of course the lyrics are going to be drastically different than the other songs on the album
stop trying to find some Deep Meaning in it jesus christ the band doesn't even like this song

MetalMan1997 | Reviewer: deerface | 9/23/10

at first, i overlooked the song as well. I listened to it last night, and now it's grown on me. it's helped VERY much to deal with whats going on now," Ride the Lightning album," ans fade to black has helped very much too. Im glad my dad got me in to Metallica when i was in about 1st grade, because who knows what i wouldve listened to.Metallica will always be my favorite band.

YES! | Reviewer: johnl | 10/9/09

Escape, then Creeping Death, 2 great songs back to back on the album. I can't play guitar or drums, don't understand music, but I love the way Escape sounds, time changes, like the chord progressions that are matched with the drums.

HIdden Gem | Reviewer: J0kerking | 9/1/09

I love how many "hidden gem" songs Metallica has! I mean songs like "Escape" "Frayed Ends Of Sanity" and "Damage Inc" just make my day when I find them! 'Cause those songs are always the best! And you can make fun of people who dont know them:]

crazy song foo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/09

dude when i first heard this song i thot that i herd it b4 no idea y but it seemed so familiar i dont beleev in luv at first site but luv at first hear this songs chorus is 1 of the best and just so so good

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: JAMES HETFIELD JUNIOR | 7/8/09

the first time i heard this song i feel in love very different from the rest of ride the lightning and kill em all its just got an atmosphere to it that i havent heard from a song since ride the lightning we need more bands like metallica i just started a band hopefully one day i can play on stage or be an opening act for metallica..... Life's for my own to live my own way

Surprisingly deep and underrated for Metallica's early work | Reviewer: Joseph | 7/2/08

Contrary to the thoughts of most people, i liked this song the first time i heard it. Most of metallica's early work isn't so deep. This was the exception. Sadly, it seems that metallica forgot this song after recording.

Insane | Reviewer: Tyler Clark | 7/6/08

I have never heard this metallica song, and i listened to it while looking at the lyrics. This song is absolutely insane! Everything they write about is amazing and deep, even though a lot of people do ignore these older albums.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/08

i neve really paid any attention to this song when i first heard it.

it was so unlike any other metallica songs.

the lyrics are indeed deep, and metallica should forget everyone who doesnt enjoy this song, and play it live for everyone to hear and understand.

now that ive gotten the idea of the song, its one of my favorites. (behind mama said)

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