Escape The Fate Lyrics

Give me a reason…I’ve been waiting for so long. It’s never
enough. Escape the Fate is running away. From what?

Singer Ronnie and guitarist Omar both will say failure and
irrelevance. And aside from some basic agreements that
contemporary rock n’ roll is bad, that’s the last time
they’ll agree. Theirs is a combustible, but constructive,
discord that propels them away from an end that nips at
every band’s heels. This and the gnawing truth that, for
rock bands, There Is No Sympathy for the Dead.

“I don’t wanna come off like an More...

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Review about Escape The Fate songs
Just when you thought music today couldn't get any worse :/ | Reviewer: DanimalTheDestroyer
    ------ About the song Gorgeous Nightmare performed by Escape The Fate

This is just terrible. Not only is it vague and tasteless, but it has no soul. there's no real emotion at all. Craig Mabbit's music paints a portrait of a self absorbed, bitch-made lifestyle.

He couldn't make it with blessthefall or any other music career, so he had to work off of someone else's to get up to where he is now. He ran Escape the Fate into the ground!! at least Beau Bokan actually turned blessthefall into something that is worth listening to. but this.. this is just garbage.

oh whoa is me lol | Reviewer: Marina Knight
    ------ About the song Ashley performed by Escape The Fate

song reminds me of my crushes ex-girlfriend she was a slutty bitch i thought she was my friend and she takes the guy i liked cause i was too shy to talk to him then she starts calling me a bitch all the time i'm glad she moved her name was Ashley Anderson but other than that the rest of the song reminds me of my crush

Stop your bitching | Reviewer: 420Grany420
    ------ About the song The Guillotine performed by Escape The Fate

guys im sick and tired of EVERY SONG VIDEO OR POST about ETF turing into a big fight about ronnie and craig. SHUT THE FUCK UP. its about the greatness of the band. If you like ronnie listen to ronnie, craig listen to craig and let the rest of us love the band.

@ What The Fuck | Reviewer: Limitless150
    ------ About the song The Guillotine performed by Escape The Fate

craig doesnt sing the old songs anymore, too many people like you bitched and moaned about it even though they are songs taht the band had written so hes stuck to the snongs he wrote to keep people like you happy.

LOVED IT :D | Reviewer: Limitless150
    ------ About the song The Aftermath (G3) performed by Escape The Fate

i freaking loved it, it added a nice touch to finish The Guillotine songs off. The three as they are, make a good amount of sense to me. the first one being about an ambush, the second one about surviving it and heading to the front lines, and this one about ending the war

SPEDS | Reviewer: Logan
    ------ About the song As You're Falling Down performed by Escape The Fate

Guys Craig has no singing talent. He got kicked out of The Word Alive and Blessthefall. I am truly surprised ETF hasn't kicked him out yet. Ronnie is in Falling In Reverse now, and Max Green has left ETF. Dying is Your Latest Fashion and No Sympathy for the Dead are Ronnie's albums. All the others blow more than my grandma.

Past is the past | Reviewer: That guy
    ------ About the song The Ransom performed by Escape The Fate

First of all, the song. Possibly the greatest chorus ever written. It has such an epic feel about it, and the out of time middle eight really adds this great character to the song that you can never predict whenever you hear it. The lyrics could be a story, or a metaphore for an event in the life of a band member but whichever way you interpret it the way it is sung carries such great emotion and feeling.
As for the argument about who's the better singer, I think it's just stupid. The past is the past. Yes ETF with Ronnie was amazing, but one man doesn't make a band. Even with Ronnie gone the band could have changed it's style anyway. I think it is unfair to blain Craig. He is still an amazing vocalist and I actually really liked a lot of the songs on This War Is Ours. I didn't like the autotune on their selftitled but hopefully they won't make that mistake if they make another album. As for FIR I hope their next album is much better as The Drug In Me Is You was hugely disappointing. As Ronnie as put the past behind him I think his next efforts will be something I can respect and enjoy greatly.

And sorry to all fans, but I am glad that all happened, else blessthefall wouldn't have got Beau Bokan. And I fucking love Beau Bokan.
All personal opinion, of course ;)

Ronnie | Reviewer: cyril
    ------ About the song The Ransom performed by Escape The Fate

honestly, i listened to etf dying is your latest fashion the first time without even knowing who they were, i swear something about Ronnie's voice just made me love the band, at the time i had no idea he wasn't in the band, so when i listened to Craig in this war is ours, i was like, wtf! what happened to the other Guy with the good voice? point is,Ronnie is a force of nature, he is just made for number one, Craig isn't that bad but seriously, he should have stayed in Btf......and yeah LONG LIVE FALLING IN REVERSE!!!!!

LOL Ronnie never wrote anything deep? | Reviewer: Alison
    ------ About the song This War Is Ours ( The Guillotine II ) performed by Escape The Fate

You say Ronnie never wrote about anything meaningful then you obviously havnt heard ANY of his songs besides situations.

As You're Falling Down
There's No Sympathy for the Dead
Make Up
Cellar Door
The Day I Left the Womb
Friends and Alibis
Not Good Enough for Truth In Cliche
My Apocalypse
The Guillotine
Dragging Dead Bodies In Blue Bags, Up Really Long Hills
The Webs We Weave
When I Go Out, I Want to Go Out On A Chariot Of Fire

... | Reviewer: Triss
    ------ About the song As You're Falling Down performed by Escape The Fate

Guys all of you are saying that ETF are now your favorite band but the singer has changed, Craig Mabbit (BTF) replaced Ronnie, which sang this song, the album with Ronnie is "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion" so if you like Ronnie's voice he's in a new band named "Falling In Reverse" (FIR) :)

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