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BORN: February 26, 1972

Erykah Badu was born Erica Wright in Dallas, Texas, in
1972. Her mother raised her single handily along with
Erykah's brother and sister, since their father had left
the family home early on in their lives.

In order to provide for her family, the children's
grandmother often helped in looking after them while
Erykah's mother, Kollen Wright, performed as an actress in
various theatrical productions.

Having been influenced significantly by her mother, Erica
Wright (or Erykah Badu as she would later become More...

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Review about Erykah Badu songs
response to 360 degress | Reviewer: Paige
    ------ About the song On and On performed by Erykah Badu

shes talks about the meaning of the song at her performance for mtv unplugged. shes saying a cipher means a completion which could be represented by a circle going 360 degrees. The bit about being born under water is referencing the womb. and she was complete in 9 months represented by $3 and six dimes or 360 degrees. She was not broke, she was complete. heres the link of her explaining it live, its at the end. http: //

plus pisces is at the end of the astrological wheel and represents death and with death comes rebirth. so her cipher movin like a rollin' stone is the constant cycle of death and rebirth.


Just a small decipher | Reviewer: Fif
    ------ About the song On and On performed by Erykah Badu

I believe the born underwater line is an astrological reference . She is a pisces. The water sign which is the last stage in the astrological progression or in a circle the 360th degree. The end if the journey. The end of the circle.

Love and Light Heart Beyond the Mondane | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song On and On performed by Erykah Badu

Religion is the greatest dividing mechanism in the world... and it is man made... the creator gave us life and there for God is in us all whether we accept it or not.. when you stop breathing your breath ruach Respirar...spirit returns to its maker and I am not afraid of what made me I am more fearful of those who think they know what they know not.. the more you know the more your realize even with dedicated research... no 1 really knows it all but guess what we all need love.. we all need food.. we all need shelter we all get afraid we all feel love and we all know that there is something not quite right because we get uneasy and even angry and volatile when someone doesn't agree with what we've been taught... God is... with or without religion that being knows all it's creations... peace with a light heart people... Erykah is a good person and she has feelings just like you...favored she is for not being afraid to access what's in us all LIGHT>>>

$3.60 | Reviewer: october
    ------ About the song On and On performed by Erykah Badu

I was born under water,
With 3 dollars and 6 dimes.

Yeah you might laugh,
Cause you did not do our math...

Anyone come up with this meaning?

360 degrees is the measurement of the circle, which is divine in itself, representing the yoni, and the mother and birth, water, and creation spirit.

...after that, I'm stuck.

YoungOneOnAJourney | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song On and On performed by Erykah Badu

I just want to commend Venom on his breakdown. I researched these lyrics because I wanted to know the REAL meaning of her words. I'm just looking for the answer to some questions I have. The hardest part about this search is finding a start but I think this song lyric (and some of these reviews) have led me to a solid starting point.

Who Are You Really Serving | Reviewer: Venom
    ------ About the song On and On performed by Erykah Badu

We as a people are afraid of that in which we don’t understand. I find it sad to believe, however history proves this to be true- CHRISTIANS have been the most finger pointing, judgmental CULT since the beginning of time. (Not to mention the fact that they stole their symbolism(s) and practices from PAGANS! To add insult to injury, I think back to all of the women that we lost due to being accused of practicing witchcraft, being a witch, warlock. Jesus himself was accused of being a warlock. Ironic isn’t it. “Those good ole church folk”
You are on this site, blasting Erykah Badu as if her belief is WRONG and yours is Right.
I will first explain to you as she and I are one of the same! She is in tune with her spirit and her inner woman. She had to do this first in order to become the person she is today.
She is aware and knowledgeable of TRUE HISTORY of us as a people. Instead of you seeking knowledge and feeding your spirit wit h real spiritual food and not the food disbursed to you by “THEM” as your ancestors did- you accepted it kindly and graciously.
I am not sure of what spirit you have within you and I am not aware of what your belief is, however I will say this, if your belief isn’t from studying, and knowledge then it isn’t a belief, it’s a habit. You have been brainwashed and are spiritually stagnant, while being historically blinded, and sociologically conditioned.
Erykah links the government with religion as it is man made, controlled, and false. It is also the reason why it’s noted as separation of church and state.
Since you are beginner at head start level, proven by posting such horrendous, bogus detail on the internet, exposing ignorance to the world, I will help you and lead you to the water, yet I can not make you drink of it. Research it- if you are too lazy to do that as I doubt, as you weren’t too lazy to post something you know NOTHING about and have the odesity to blame ignorance on God and the Holy Spirit, I will volunteer to also provide you with reading information and video information as you are ONLY relying on the Bible, one of which was TRANSLATED by King James, A Gay man.
Kemetics is a great place to attempt your learning. Also, I recommend that you watch Hidden Colors. Also, research our hidden history being stored within the Vatican!
If we knew the truth about who you are and from whence you came, your views would change and perhaps you could come out from inside that little box you are trapped in.
Christianity was stolen from Paganism
Horus existed before Jesus and has the SAME story as Jesus, and he wasn’t Caucasian just as Jesus wasn’t!
All Holidays including CHRISTMAS was derived from MAN, Paganism and Heathens.
Jesus wasn’t born in December. Try determining where astrology and the calander originate from.
Also Thanksgiving was a named holiday by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln- the purpose was to have a great feast celebrating the MANY Indian families they slay, killed, murdered,stole from, rapped, and enslaved. Bet you cook a right nice fat turkey on thanksgiving don’t you and most likely enjoy SWINE (pork) right along with it, and then you have the nerve to use the term blasphemous. Try using the word “Slave mentality!”
Anything that has to do with Blackness is labeled as evil, yet anything to do with White is accepted as pure! We as a people are
warriors! Our ancestors worshiped and practiced what we are supposed to be practicing before it was stolen, changed, lied about and converted into evil. Erykah is aware of this, as am I! People as yourself are the reason history was never reversed, yet people as yourself are the ones who do nothing but sit back and complain regarding oppression- just sitting back waiting on Jesus, I suppose. How ironic!
Start studying to find yourself so that you refrain from disrespecting yourself as you have done by disrespecting Erykah, history, culture and spirit. ALSO There is a difference in religion and spirituality.
Blessings and Peace Unto you. May you find the light- The TRUTHFUL one! Selah…
Peace, Venom

deja vu | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Of My Life performed by Erykah Badu

Holy crap this is pretty much the storyof my life right now. In 7th grade i had the biggest crush on one of my now Best Friends. Now im in my second year of high school and he admited that he has liked me ever since 7 th grade:D i always had that feeling of "get over it. Hes your pal not your love" i was, still am, in shock of whats been goin on lately. <3

"3 dollars and 6 dimes... | Reviewer: J-lo
    ------ About the song On and On performed by Erykah Badu

First I have to say I am a big big big fan of Erykah Badu. I dont understand people have to take music all out of content and not just open their mind to the understanding of the true meaning to what the "artists" is saying.
I was born under water
With three dollars & six dimes" Im going to keep it short...LIFE 9mos in the womb under water a cycle that ever be broken.

ENTERTAINMENT | Reviewer: Lizett
    ------ About the song On and On performed by Erykah Badu


Back in high school | Reviewer: Ntsane CP
    ------ About the song Love Of My Life performed by Erykah Badu

Love of my life reminds me of the girl I met while in High school, she was my everything and still is, the last time I saw her was in 2004 before I left my home country and hope will meet these December when I visit home. I'm now happily married, I love my wife but wish I could see the Love of my life and play her the song again.

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