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Ernest Dale Tubb was born in Crisp, Texas in 1914. He was
the sixth person to be elected to the Country Music Hall of
Fame and a regular performer on the Opry from 1943 to the
time of his death. Ernest Tubb grew up a fan of the great
Jimmie Rodgers. Though Tubb sang locally while he was still
in his teens, he was almost twenty years old before he got
his first guitar.

Tubb had little success until he wrote and recorded
"Walking the Floor Over You" in 1942. This song became a
million-seller and got him his first appearance on the More...

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Review about Ernest Tubb songs
Wish I had had these lyrics in my youth. | Reviewer: Zaw Win @ Edwin Saw
    ------ About the song Help Me Make It Through The Night performed by Ernest Tubb

This is another song the lyrics of which I never had the chance to lay hands on when I would have really appreciated them a lot more than I can now enjoy at this age of 85 yes eighty five years.

Remembering my youth 1955-1960 | Reviewer: Edwin Saw@ DrZaw Win
    ------ About the song Missing In Action performed by Ernest Tubb

This song was taught to me by Miss Jean Marie Celine Samuel who was a Nurse at Rangoon General Hospital. From 1950 to 1956. She left for America in the late 1950s with her sister Clemmy to Florida. Since then I've lost all contact. This song suddenly reminded me of her. I hope the reach out to her will enable me to get in touch with her again.Her eldest sister is named Pamela and was married to an American airman during WW2. HI GINGER REMEMBER ME

Jean M C Samuel who taught me the song " missing in action" in 1955. | Reviewer: Dr Zaw WiN.Edwin Saw.
    ------ About the song Missing In Action performed by Ernest Tubb

To Jean Marie Celine Samuel. When I came across the lyrics of Missing in Action. I felt I had to try to get in touch with you again. You left for Pensacola, Florida, America in 1957 with Clematis to meet your eldest sister Pamela who had married an American airman in WW2. This is a reach out and a call to help from any one who sees this note and happens to know you. You and your sister were nurses at RGH. I had just graduated as a doctor a year back. Just to say Hullo and that I still remember you. Edwin Saw @ Zaw Win. I am now 85 years.

Missing In Action Lyrics | Reviewer: sdallen131
    ------ About the song Missing In Action performed by Ernest Tubb

Oh, thank you so much! I have searched for the lyrics to this song for years. No one I knew from years ago recognized it, but I knew that my friend and I could NOT have possibly thought the words and the tune up ourselves. I am so happy to finally have found the words, who sang it, and basically it's history. By the way, my friend and I sang it at the top of our lungs and it was my favorite too! I was four or five and she was four years older. Thanks, again!

Missing in action. | Reviewer: jean
    ------ About the song Missing In Action performed by Ernest Tubb

When I was four of five years old I knew all the words to this song. At the time it was my favorite. I'd sing it at the top of my voice, and guess what, no one ever told me to shut-up!

last letter lyrics & Music artist: Ernest Tubb | Reviewer: Edee Pratt
    ------ About the song Last Letter performed by Ernest Tubb

I am looking for a old Song. Not sure of the Name. Heard it when I was a little girl because my Mom played it all the time.
But in the Lyrics it says.
while writing this letter My Darling, I think of the Past and of

seemed like it says something whethers and Old.
Please Help Me.
Happy News Years
Mrs. Edee

Waltz acroos Texas | Reviewer: Darrell
    ------ About the song Waltz Across Texas performed by Ernest Tubb

Your lyric wordings are on but your last verse should have been a repeat like the second and third verse again. However, it would pass and to someone that is familar with this song. Thanks....a loyal fan of Ernest Tubb

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