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B5 Erica Cane Lyrics

Last updated: 10/16/2007 11:00:00 AM

Have you ever met a girl that gave you the drop jaw
You be staring so hard you can walk into a brick wall
Tell me did you holla
D- D- Did you get it
And did it go so bad that you wish you wouldnt have did it
Well thats me
Thats my,my story
Now im Got caught up in some drama
That I,I dont need
She be checking my voicemail
Erasing my sidekick
Man Im bout to lose it cause I can make her stop it

I cant seem to shake her
she got the kind of attraction that is fatal
This is crazy
I got me a
E,E,Erica,Erica E,E,E
Erica Cane
E,E,Erica,Erica E,E,E

Hear me out, please listen
Baby u know that i'd tap that
Trynna be cool but u bout to make me turn my hat back
I say I don want ya
U hear that i love ya
Don't take my kindness for weakness
Girl dont mistake me for no sucka
Keying up my car(car)
Say mama what ya thinkin
U takin it too far(far)
U too yung to be drinking(Oh no)
I gotta get away(Oh Woah)
Tell me why I cant

I cant seem to shake her
She got the kind of attraction that is fatal
This is crazy
I got me a
E,E,E Erica,Erica E,E,E
Erica Cane
E,E,E Erica,Erica E,E,E

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i know it | Reviewer: alonta pitts | 9/17/2007

i know that they would come with something strong but this is off the chain go head b5 do wat u do and dont stop it, Go get that cd

really mature | Reviewer: B5 fan | 9/8/2007

b5 turned mature. now they are tlkin bout relationships gone bad i thought they were gonna live in dream world where everything goes right but they proved me wrong great job

grown and sexy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/2007

all I got say is dat b5 is grown and sexy and this song is hot I love yu patrick and carnll and bryan

Wow!!! | Reviewer: B5 fan | 12/11/2006

This is definitely a different song from B5 but still hot to def!!!!!!