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Real Name: Eric Patrick Clapton
Occupation: Musician, Guitarist
Date of Birth: March 30, 1945
Place of Birth: Ripley, England, U.K.
Sign: Sun in Aries, Moon in Scorpio
Education: Expelled from Kingston College of Art

Relations: Ex-wife: Pattie Boyd Harrison; Daughter: Ruth
Kelly-Clapton (Born 1/11/1985); Son: Conor (deceased);
Daughter : Julie Rose Clapton (Born 15/06/2001)

IN the late 1960s, one of the most prominent pieces of
graffiti seen in London and New York was "Clapton is God."
Thirty years later, the stalwart guitarist and More...

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Review about Eric Clapton songs
Love it! | Reviewer: Silvia
    ------ About the song Sunshine Of Your Love performed by Eric Clapton

I love all Cream songs. Their sound is timeless. Amazing. But this one is by far my favorite. That guitar solo blows my mind! Not to mention the underlying riff is EXTREMELY catchy. Love it!!

Who give a crap if he is a Christian??? | Reviewer: Big Balls Billy
    ------ About the song Got To Get Better In A Little While performed by Eric Clapton

Seriously, who gives a crap whether or not he's a Christian??? He's a great guitarist and singer. Can't you just appreciate the music for the music???

Beloved Prayer | Reviewer: Sherilyn
    ------ About the song Holy Mother performed by Eric Clapton

I opened up a new CD I had laying about when I got home from a trip to spend time with my long-distance love partner . . . and found he'd been living with another woman while we were apart. This is the first song I heard and the first time I heard it. It is an exquisite song and was something to hang onto at the time.

so is he a Christian | Reviewer: LuAnne Johnson
    ------ About the song Got To Get Better In A Little While performed by Eric Clapton

Love the song, but really makes me wonder if he's a Christian. As he got older he put much more emphasis on praying to the Lord right now. Any ideas?

Holy Mother | Reviewer: Heino Bohlen
    ------ About the song Holy Mother performed by Eric Clapton

Dave Kennard: You named what it is about. THE BAND´S piano player
Richard Manuel was depressive and a very heavy drinker. He hanged himself in a Florida motel room after a concert the night before.
Ominous remarks to his bandmates weren´t understood at the time.
So this is what he may have thought before, hopefully, finding peace.
I found out just today after listening to Robbie Robertson´s " Fallen Angel ", which is about Manuel, too.

classic | Reviewer: PHIL LAWTON
    ------ About the song Wonderful Tonight performed by Eric Clapton

This as got to be one of the greatest love songs of all time also check out the record TEARS IN HEAVEN dedicated to the tragic death of his son connor BEAUTIFUL SONG just close your eyes play it your not human if it dont bring you to tears

a very specail song | Reviewer: Ava Griffith
    ------ About the song Believe In Life performed by Eric Clapton

I loves this song it such a very spiritual song and I wants to sing it on facebook on one of my videos its something to look forward to ,I loves listening to this song ,and I plays it all the time ,I am also dedicating this song to my doctor as well cause he always give more reasons to believe much more deeper in life ,my doctor has done so much good for me and my health ,my doctor has worked miracles for me and today because of him I am much much more happier ,when I was sick and had given up hope my doctor brought me back to health so I am dedicating this song to him ,my doctor is a very special person to me

Songs meaning | Reviewer: Juan
    ------ About the song After Midnight performed by Eric Clapton

The real issue is the meaning of this song.

After midnight refers to sex magic, specifically molesting kids while they are sleeping or drugged. The lyrics say, we're gonna cause talk and suspicion, then goes on to say we're gonna give an exhibition. This song is talking about naked kids, nothing else, nothing less.

For another Clapton song that discusses the same see Laylah. Don't believe me? Laylah is the heroine of Crowley's Book of Lies. It refers to the virgin, or female child, and the exquisite sensory awakening that molesting a little girl gives the practitioner of 'sex magic', aka, child molesting.

He says, You've got me on my knees, meaning down talking with a little girl.

Yep, welcome to 'free love'.

I feel for you | Reviewer: someone
    ------ About the song Tears In Heaven performed by Eric Clapton


I just wanna say I feel for you all guys.
You're so strong and brave. I don't know I could if I were in your shoes. But one day we'll meet each other in heaven. God bless you all!

A Forgotten Gem | Reviewer: Mike Goldthwaite
    ------ About the song I Ain't Gonna Stand For It performed by Eric Clapton

I never understood why this Clapton cover never made it to the tops in the charts. Not only is it true in spirit to its original writer/performer, Stevie Wonder, but Clapton's non-stop filler lics are Clapton at his very best, and there isn't even an individual solo. The lics in this song are quintessentially Clapton, and in my opinion, legendary.

Someday, this song will get the attention it deserves. Perhaps if Eric brought it back, a little faster on the tempo to allow for a solo.... But I wouldn't him to leave out the filler lics.

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