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And there are those who
Hadn't found the speaking so wrong
Is it wrong
Of Pavlov lore
They ran rampant through the floors
Is this wrong
Feels so wrong
Happened on a respirator
In the basements
Are they gone are they gone
Stung the slang of a gallows bird
Rationed a dead letter pure
Trackmarked amoeba witchcraft
Cartwheel of scratches
Dress the tapeworm as pet
Tentacles smirk please
Flinched the cocooned meat
Infra-recon forgets
Now there are those who find
Comfort in the breathing
Wrong-is it wrong
It houses the watchful eyes
They're panting in a pattern in droves
Are they gone
Happened in a respirator tent
In the basements
Is it gone
Are they gone
Stung the slang of a gallows bird
Sanctioned a dead letter pure
trackmarked amoeba lands craft
cartwheel of scratches
dress the tape worm as pets
tentacles smirk please
flinch the cocooned meat
infra-recon forgets
evaporated the fur
because it covers them
if you only knew the plans they had for us
evaporated the fur
because it covers them
if you only knew the plans they had for us
They used to have pulses in them
But impulse has made them strong
They used to have pulses in them
But impulse has made them strong
Evaporated the fur
Because it covers them
If you only knew the plans they had for us
Trackmarked amoeba lands craft
Cartwheel of scratches
Dress the tapeworm as pets
Tentacles smirk please
Flinch the cocooned meat
Infra-reco forgets
gotta be a way
Of getting out
Are you just growing old
Trackmarked amoeba lands craft
Cartwheel of scratches
Dress the tapeworm as pets

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Lovecraft | Reviewer: Doogle | 9/25/10

While all of these are very possible interpretations, I would recommend reading some H.P. Lovecraft, specifically Beyond the Walls of Sleep. This may bring done light to a lot of the albums concepts.

amazing | Reviewer: Chris | 1/3/10

well this song can be interpratated in many different ways, but i have read a review about De-loused in the comatorium Story book, also im reading it, and this song is about Cerpin Taxt entering The House of Eriatarka of facial and muscular corrections.. in this house Cerpin awakes in his new form, hes transformed in Moatilliata (mentioned in this apparatus must be unearthed) by stucking wings to his body, all of his hair evaporated and all the extremities without use cuted out.. al this is made by the Doctor Tarant.. just what i ve read, anyway this is just what Julio is watching in his coma its probably a interpretetion of what he could see through his eyes in his comatorium state..

anyway this song if you interpretate it like i did you can feel how he discover he have wings and hes different with the music when the verse ends and everything seems like falling and feel how his heart start beating faster and faster when the pinano starts with guitar explosions and then everything goes insane the lyrics the music just frenetic, you can feel what he did just by hearing music is amazing what this guys can do... i really love them.. just amazing.

Ignorance | Reviewer: Chris | 12/21/08

In response to Sean's thinly veiled diatribe at Todd's actually insightful post, this is a concept album, and while they utilized drugs frequently, its not because of the drugs that this imagery has been invoked, Deloused is all about their friend killing himself, its not one big acid trip. Just because you can't understand multi-syllable words or rationalize psychology and its practice doesn't mean everything is nonsense. Kids these days..

Open for business | Reviewer: Sean | 8/25/08

At The Drive in- Deloused in the Comatorium is a tribute, but each song would be open to interpretation do to the amount of hallucenigenic drug use through-out the recording of the album( and a lot of opium). These "phrases" are connected by a singular focus. It's not about Pavlov or fuckin amoebas but your entitled to you opinion Todd... STAY THE FUCK UP OUT MY BUSINESSS TODD! i don't give a fuck Last night I heard lepers,
Flinch like birth defects,
It's musk was fecal in origin,
As the words dribbled off of its chin,

It said,
I'm lost,

Last night I heard diseased lepers whom smell like shit flinch and drool saying "I'm lost, I'm lost.." WTF its great wording but damn how much acid and pot do you have to do to think it would be alright to talk about nonsense like that? They had good reviews for the sound they produce but the lyrics are just a stream of incoherent consciousness connected by a stretch of imagination.. creativity without any real substance besides the ones they we're on....

Taking a shot at Meaning | Reviewer: Todd | 11/6/07

I believe this song is a condemnation of psychiatric science which tends to discount basic biological causes of mental imbalance. Pavlov is mentioned. The history of psychiatry and psychology is marked with a great deal of sick and twisted perversions of science used to determine why people who cannot afford better health care tend to act 'crazy'. Amoebic infection is something that can cause trackmarks for instance, hense the lyric.

Fantastic | Reviewer: Todd | 11/6/07

I think the meaning of this song is a condemnation of bullshit psychological science that doesn't pay attention to biological realities in it's effort to cure people with mental problems. And they do so masterfully I might add. Pay attention to the meaning of the words chosen in relation to biological science versus psychological determinism.

AMAZING | Reviewer: Kristian | 8/22/07

This is one of my favorite songs of all time! i cant seem to figure out the true meaning of the lyrics, these guys really pioneered prog-punk movement are i have seen them 4 times in concert. They seem to be getting more and more out there with the new albums but this songs amazing

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