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The story began over a decade ago, when a former founder
member of Yazoo, The Assembly and "New Romantic supremos"
Depeche Mode placed an advert in the music press.
21-year-old Andy Bell, a former professional mincer
[honestly!] in a meat factory, was the 41st person to
audition as a prospective singer for Vince Clarke's new
project. Having hit it off straight away [the pair have, to
this day, never had an argument] Clarke and Bell became

Despite a distinct lack of initial high-flying chart action
[earliest singles "Who More...

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Reviews about Erasure songs

Corrections | Reviewer: Pobalob
    ------ About the song Spiralling performed by Erasure

Depending on which version you listen to, the Words to the last line in the first verse is either;

a) 'How can I avoid this pain', or

b) 'How can I avoid this pain without you'.

The last verse in the lyrics above actually does exist, but it's a separate song called, funnily enough, 'Safety In Numbers'. It's just that Spiralling flows directly into it.

Hope this has helped :)

Only in your imagination | Reviewer: Young Master Jon
    ------ About the song So The Story Goes performed by Erasure

In the late 1980's my mother had a private hair dresser and she was a big fan of erasure , I recieved a copy of a tape that Paula created that was a mish mash of Erasure hits.

So the story goes being one of them tracks , I am a passionate roleplayer online message boards , and this particular song and it's lyrics seem to take me to exactly I want to go.

It was only until today after listening to this tape for yonks I finaly found out that the track was called.

So the story goes.

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