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Overcome Equilibrium Lyrics

Last updated: 06/01/2004 07:55:12 PM

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Abasing episodes of life
prides candle lit at both ends
sharpening stone to the blade of a knife
refining fire your your wits to mend
reality's cold hand to lend
a helping hand to bring you down
no one is always in the lead
no matter who you prick they'll bleed
judgements are easy
when you're not being judged
let he who has no fault
cast the first stone
all must drop their heads down
all must still feel weakened
all must face rejection
all must face their death bed
you without fault, cast the first stone
why can't we respect each others lives
all must face their own path in this life
we're so quick to find new things to hate
easier to destroy than create.

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