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Becoming The Archetype Epoch Of War Lyrics

Last updated: 10/15/2007 11:00:00 AM

The number of men who carried the flame continued to increase
And a massive force was gathered just outside the prison
Where the evil one had trapped the souls of men
And with a sounding trumpet
In an instant the siege was underway
The forces of humanity swarmed the enemy camp
They stormed the gates relentlessly
Waving their torches and shouting together
There is none that can stand against the power of fire

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epoch of war | Reviewer: scarydude | 10/15/2007

This song is a really good song. I love the tempo and the drums for the verses as well as the clear not-scream vocals. Don't think that means I hate screamo, it's quite the opposite. This song is awesome, let's just leave it at that. Hey BTA when are you touring in Minnesota again? When you are, let me know.

p.s.s why am I the only one who's commented BTa's music? C'mon guys!