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Sethian Epithaph Lyrics

Last updated: 08/01/2003 03:40:53 AM

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You are the sole lonely voice
As gods no longer hear
No savior to die for you
To wash away the pain
You are the burning embers
Of a November sunrise
It all was way too sudden
A childish cruel joke
And maybe we took a step too far
The blind shall lead the blind
All is gone, damage done
The edge of sanity we tread on
Bleeding still
All is gone, damage done
The price of infamy we paid full
All is will
Carved with a twisted smile
An epitaph for sorrow
Discard this hollow memory
The past has had it's say
Words rain down like daggers
Turning me into stone
Beware, beware
At the edge of the world
And now there's venom in your head
The blind shall lead the blind

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