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Travelling around the world and meeting other cultures;
those are in short the major sources of inspiration for
singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist Mark Jansen,
both as a person and a musician. The latest proof of his
unlimited interest in the world around him is the album The
Phantom Agony, the colourful debut album of the recently
founded Dutch band Epica. Mark Jansen and his fellow
musicians harbour a great interest in other cultures,
especially Arab ones. The warmth with which people treat
one anotherthere, but also the More...

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Review about Epica songs
Beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Twin Flames performed by Epica

I can't believe this song doesn't have any reviews yet! When it comes to love songs, this one is a true gem, especially Simone's stunning voice. This is one of Epica's best ballads for sure, from the lyrics to Simone's voice to the choir at the end... Amazing.

Essence of a suggestion... | Reviewer: Hugh
    ------ About the song The Essence of Silence performed by Epica

I love the lyrics and realize meaning can be different to all people. It's that some memories that penetrate deep inside are reoccur for positive reasons and we wouldn't want to allow the silence to destroy them. Only the bad ones...thanks.

Could have been more open | Reviewer: Alena
    ------ About the song Facade Of Reality performed by Epica

I don't have problem with the lyrics. But what they contain is too mainstreamy. It would have suited talentless shallow singers like Britney Spears and Gaga. All knowledgable people know that 9/11 was an inside job. Lyrics about it would have made the song meaty. They should have said it like
"People created business inventions
To give their banks a glimmer of hope
And to ease their fear of becoming poor
And people created defense intentions
Only to feel superior and to have a license to kill"

You people are messed up in the head | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Fools Of Damnation performed by Epica

This songs lyrics are so broad that you can not possibly pinpoint a religion or meaning directly to it. Pull your heads out of your ass, the world does not revolve around you or your stupid religions.

freud | Reviewer: Billiam
    ------ About the song Fools Of Damnation performed by Epica

freud said that religion was created for wish fulfillment, and marx said that "religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature and the opium of the people" what if this song is just about religion as a whole? not just attacking islam? maybe they just liked the arabic sounds for an intro to the song? open to interpretation. i just don't think they wrote an islamic bashing song.

t | Reviewer: omar
    ------ About the song Fools Of Damnation performed by Epica

Song in terms of wonderful music but beginning azan strange and I am a Muslim and azan is a call Muslims to come together to pray or to alert is necessary should the meeting for him then that bowing or prostrating part of our prayers so that who wrote the song a man familiar with the Islamic culture, but the theme of dialogue in the song is the concept so much that I've got a suspicion of this song and Islam is not a cause for terrorism, but calls for peace If there was a misunderstanding of the beginning of the song

Religion. | Reviewer: Bravo23
    ------ About the song Fools Of Damnation performed by Epica

This reminds me of when the Catholic Church was in charge in Europe. I'm a Christian. I don't follow religions because religion is created by man, not God. I believe religion has been used as a diversion to God, people can't live up to what God wants us to so we lower the difficulty which is still to high. That's basically what religion is. People respect religions... But I don't respect religion just as much as I don't respect Saten. People now believe that God made religion. That's just what Saten wanted. So now people are misled.

9/11 was an inside job | Reviewer: Davis
    ------ About the song Facade Of Reality performed by Epica

I still can't believe that some people nowadays still doesn't know, or doesn't want to know (which is even worse), that 9/11 attempt was an inside job.
I recommend to those people to look for "AE911Truth", for instance (which contains a lot of professionals and experts talking about the facts, as well as, the proves they show to demostrate it), and try to get rid of such ignorance. It's time to grow up and wake up!

I always beg for you to God | Reviewer: Victor Rex
    ------ About the song Cry For The Moon performed by Epica

Though it is bad to blame someone's thought,it is much worst to put a great pressure of disgrace to God's servants(church).Anyone(incl me) can sin but by the grace of God , we can ask for His everlasting mercy.Though we exclaimed ourself as His son,we don't stop sinning in our day to day life.Why? ...........it's just because we merely are Sinners,borne of Sins and to die bcoz of our Sins.It is also a sin to blame others(as in "Dont blame others before looking into a mirror").In short,all of us can sin and ought of forgiveness(to human and God) .Jesus Christ .....................well even the most sinned beings.Hallelui jah to the ALMIGHTY!

SONGS | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Fools Of Damnation performed by Epica

Most of their songs are about religion and how they believe religion is a strong hold on humanity and man created religion to control the masses. They refer in many of their songs to consciousness. Also they state about fear of death (hell)...how pastors, priests, etc use hell as a means of manipulation to do as they wish and it seems like this song goes well along those lines. In an interview, Simone, the redheaded lead singer, does state that she is not a satanist nor does she believe in God but is spiritual. So seems that she is not a theist. Seems like they believe in a conscious creation. They kind of call for people to rise from the deception. This is what many are following now and coming into. Some consider it to be 'NEW AGE'. I wouldn't really call it that. It sounds more atheist or maybe even a bit of gnosticism in it.

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