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known as Enya - was born in 1961, 17 May, and spent her
childhood in Gweedore (in County Donegal, situated in the
north-west of Ireland, one of the main redoubts of the
Irish language). There are nine brothers and sisters. Apart
from Enya, who is in the middle, there are four other girls
and four boys. All the family have won many competitions
and are famous in national traditional [music] circles.

Whilst at school, Enya studied the piano and classical
music. Three of her brothers and sisters, Máire Ní
Bhraonáin (Mary Brennan), More...

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Review about Enya songs
Tears and Memories | Reviewer: Wanda
    ------ About the song Evacuee performed by Enya

This lyrics and melody sum up my emotions upon losing my Mother. I visualize my Mom and I in all the scenes. I created a slideshow on my phone to this music. All pictures of my Mom, my buddy. I watch it EVERY NIGHT. And yes, I must wait until my life is over to see and hug her again. I cry, but the tears cleanse. How comforting this song and the knowledge that God counts our tears but not our transgressions. Thank you, Enya!💔

Masterpiece song | Reviewer: Kenyan anonymous
    ------ About the song Only Time performed by Enya

I got to know this song through my job. Am an online writer and I was given a job by a customer to write about a video. It is the Volvo ad with Van Damme doing a split between two moving trucks. I heard the song in the ad and I will never regret looking for the lyrics. Well, the video ad only has a segment of it but as I had fallen in love with the song, I downloaded it. I will always treasure this one. Think of this song playing as a bride walks down the aisle, or while enjoying an evening out with your opposite sex friend, even at a burial the song can fit.

only time | Reviewer: davey
    ------ About the song Only Time performed by Enya

i was heard this song before and movie Sweet November it reminds me more....i cannot express the impact of this song for my self....more than words can say....love you Enya,,,for bringing such a joy in to this world!!!

We are in this together | Reviewer: Giri
    ------ About the song If I Could Be Where You Are performed by Enya

I read the comments above and realised even being so different in so many ways, at the core of our heart we are all the same ...WE ARE NOT ALONE , WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER ....may HUMANITY and FAITH in our heart LIVE FOREVER ... AMEN

Only time | Reviewer: Anthony a.k.a momentum, (nwafada)
    ------ About the song Only Time performed by Enya

I was in the office when i heard the song for the first time, immediately i heard the song my spirite my touched and it seams to be a source of inspiriation to of, i started serching the song, but my problem was that i didnt no the songs name even the name of the singer till i heard it from my elder brother's phone then i transfered it to my own phone to be frank since then i cant stay a day without enya's song most especially only time, and it was my best music so far, i luv you enya may you live long, thanks for that, your song touched alot, may God bless you my dear,

sensational | Reviewer: glory
    ------ About the song Book of Days performed by Enya

i just love this song; it haunted my dreams the first day i heard it and its a song one cant just forget, it has this uncanny ability to lift your spirit and make you happy. i love most of enya songs but this song is my one true love.

"china roses" | Reviewer: daniel E
    ------ About the song China Roses performed by Enya

There are few things that moves me as Enya's "out of this world's" "china roses. I stronly believe that the disposition of the master piece is incasenareted in purity and holliness. Enya please keep up the good work and be assured you have my attention as well the like of me

One masterpiece in my playlist !! | Reviewer: Bhavana G
    ------ About the song Only Time performed by Enya

I heard this song in d volvo bus add ...amongst d video te song caught my attention and i started searchin for it...!!! Superb heart untouching lyrics....thanks Enya for such a wounderfull art..

mr | Reviewer: joe
    ------ About the song Only Time performed by Enya

i loved the song it has always brought peace and tranquility to me and my wife it gave her a feeling of calmness and some relief from her pain before she died and for that i thank you and pray you keep it up

Nice music | Reviewer: Gideon
    ------ About the song Only Time performed by Enya

4 the first time i heard this music from my sister's fon since then i hv nt been sleeping 2 nite with out listenin 2 enya's music because it makes me to have the feelings of love nd also notice the value of love nd the music inspires me allot to go forward with my music carrier,tank u so much enya for singing such a wonderful song.

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