Enya Albums

  • A Day Without Rain Album
    Wild Child
    Only Time
    Tempus Vernum
    Deora Ar Mo Chroi
    Flora's Secret
    Fallen Embers
    One By One
    Lazy Days

  • And Winter Came... Album (11/11/2008)
    The Journey Of The Angels
    White Is In The Winter Night
    O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
    Trains And Winter Rains
    Dreams Are More Precious
    One Last Time By Moonlight
    One Toy Soldier
    Stars And Midnight Blue
    The Spirit Of Christmas Past
    My! My! Time Flies!
    Oíche Chiúin (Chorale)

  • Amarantine Album (11/22/2005)
    Less Than A Pearl
    It's In The Rain
    If I Could Be Where You Are
    The River Sings
    Long Long Journey
    Sumiregusa (Wild Violet)
    Someone Said Goodbye
    A Moment Lost
    Amid The Falling Snow
    Water Shows The Hidden Heart

  • Paint The Sky With Stars-Best Album (11/11/1997)
    Anywhere Is
    Book of Days
    Book of Days (English Version)
    Caribean Blue
    China Roses
    Marble Halls
    Only If
    On My Way Home
    Orinoco Flows
    Paint the Sky With Stars
    Shepherd Moons
    Storms in Africa
    Storms in Africa - Part II
    The Celts
    The Memory Of Trees

  • Memory Of Trees Album (12/5/1995)
  • Shepherd Moons Album (11/19/1991)
  • Watermark Album (11/12/1991)
  • The Celts Album (2/1/1987)

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    Reviews about Enya albums
    Is it flawless? Could be! | Reviewer: EMC
        ------ About the album Watermark performed by Enya

    This is a beautiful album with wonderful track after wonderful track. I think I could listen to this again and again and again. May you be so lucky as to find it and enjoy it.

    ENYA the Magnificient | Reviewer: RobertM Tuck
        ------ About the album Watermark performed by Enya

    I have been listening (gratefully) to ENYA since the early 90's, and have pur-
    chased perhaps one-hundred copies of "Watermark", as gifts, over the inter-
    venting years. I still feel that, on balance, "Watermark" remains her

    RobertM Tuck: robbertmichael@icloud.com

    Enya at her best ! | Reviewer: Faisal Qureshi
        ------ About the album Amarantine performed by Enya

    Surly a must have album.if you like soothing stuff then Enya is the one for you, just sit back and relax and she will do the rest.
    Amazing 12 tracks reflecting 12 different emotional states of mind.
    God bless enya.

    The very best | Reviewer: Jeannette
        ------ About the album Paint The Sky With Stars-Best performed by Enya

    Enya you have no idea how these songs have helped me through the death of my young husband, a pilot. I would like to thank you for that. Three songs of "Paint the sky with stars" I played at the funeral, so moving.

    Many thanks Jeannette

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