Enrique Iglesias Albums

  • Sex + Love Album (3/18/2014)
    I'm A Freak
    There Goes My Baby
    El Perdedor
    Let Me Be Your Lover
    You And I
    Heart Attack
    Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte
    Noche Y Día
    Bonus Tracks
    Turn The Night Up
    Only A Woman
    3 Letters
    Still Your King

  • Insomniac Album (6/12/2007)
    Ring My Bells
    Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)
    Somebody's Me
    On Top Of You
    Tired Of Being Sorry
    Miss You
    Wish I Was Your Lover
    Little Girl
    Stay Here Tonight
    Sweet Isabel
    Don't You Forget About Me
    Alguien Soy Yo
    Amigo Vulnerable

  • Seven Album (11/25/2003)
    Not In Love
    The Way You Touch Me
    Say It
    California Callin'
    Break Me, Shake Me
    Be Yourself
    Wish You Were Here (With Me)
    You Rock Me
    Live It Up Tonight

  • Quizás Album (9/17/2002)
    Tres Palabras
    Para Qué la Vida
    La Chica de Ayer
    Pienso en Tí
    Suéltame las Riendas
    No Apagues La Luz

  • Escape Album (10/30/2001)
  • Best Hits Album (11/30/1999)
  • Euphoria Album (11/23/1999)
  • Enrique Album (11/23/1999)
  • Bailamos Album (6/1/1999)
  • Enrique Iglesias Album (12/30/1998)
  • Cosas Del Amor Album (9/22/1998)
  • Re-Mixes Album (5/5/1998)
  • Vivir Album (5/1/1997)
  • Italian Remix Album (9/4/1996)

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    Reviews about Enrique Iglesias albums
    hEro | Reviewer: Zeevan Pun
        ------ About the album Escape performed by Enrique Iglesias

    i iOv3 all uR albuMs Nd all uR s0nGs... HERO is miNe bst bst s0nG which i ever Heard.. ThaNks f0r comiNG in my life Nd beinG my idOl. You are best Nd Body caN beT You.. I caNt live witHout You Nd uR Music.. Love you so much EnriQue!!

    I love your every songs | Reviewer: Bumet Murray
        ------ About the album Escape performed by Enrique Iglesias

    Among all the song from 'Escape'...HERO is my favourite of all,i sang this during my first dating.....to show her how much i love her and that i would always be her Hero..
    I hope and wish that You will 'again' come back with such SonGSs....MAY GOD GIVE YOU HIS HELPING HAND WHEN YOU WRITE YOUR NEW SONGS...

    LOVE YYYOOOUUU!!! | Reviewer: Ifra
        ------ About the album Euphoria performed by Enrique Iglesias

    Hiiii Enrique!! I'm ur biggest lover evn though I kno u r alcohol addicted,wel whatever....I m from India n have been listening to ur songs since I was 12 and now I am 15 ....I cnt sleep at night if I won't hear ur voice once.....ur songs just express my feelings perfectly better than my self......its a huge favour of destiny that U came in my life.....just keep on rocking.Hope u visit our country sooon.......I Love U!:*

    TE QUIERO | Reviewer: NouR
        ------ About the album Euphoria performed by Enrique Iglesias

    hi enrique...i'm your little fan Nour
    i've been listining to your songs since i was 13...now i'm 16...i'm syrian i live in Damascus i love you sooooo much and everyone in my contrey belive in that...
    i know there is alot of girls and guys love you...but there is no one in the world can love you like i do...i just can't live without u

    Enrique | Reviewer: mari toreto
        ------ About the album Escape performed by Enrique Iglesias

    love ur song hero y escape!! amor tu'! you r so talented. I wish u could hear my song "como tu haga mi sentir" that i wrote for u ! i hope i see u in the future!

    insomniac | Reviewer: shazia
        ------ About the album Insomniac performed by Enrique Iglesias

    please can you let me know when Enrique Iglesias new album is out?

    Papi chulo | Reviewer: Alma Garcia
        ------ About the album Vivir performed by Enrique Iglesias

    He is very hot,and i love how he sings specially the song "enamorado por primera vez".

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