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Pressure 4-5 Enough Lyrics

Last updated: 10/31/2002 04:06:47 AM

I would like to believe
That the things that bring me down
And the life I lead
Are one in the same and no different
Pick your mind to conceive
Of a way to pick you up
慍ause you might just be
Going down, down, down and so

When your will breaks down
Will you pick you up?
Have you had enough?
Yes, I抳e had enough

Getting bored as I speak
On a simple lesson taught
All in one bad week
When it seemed just like we had lost everything
You awake from the night
Sometimes riding golden sun
And the heat rises
Off the ground, ground, ground and so


Do you think if you try, then you抣l calm down
If I scream up at the sky, will you come down
If I could, you know that I would turn it around
But the things that pick me up bring me down, down, down and so

Have had enough?
Yes, I抳e had enough