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Enola Gay, you should have stayed at home yesterday
Aha words can't describe the feeling and the way you lied

These games you play, they're gonna end in more than tears someday
Aha Enola Gay, it shouldn't ever have to end this way

It's 8:15, and that's the time that it's always been
We got your message on the radio, conditions normal and you're coming home

Enola Gay, is mother proud of little boy today
Aha this kiss you give, it's never ever gonna fade away

Enola Gay, it shouldn't ever have to end this way
Aha Enola Gay, it shouldn't fade in our dreams away

It's 8:15, and that's the time that it's always been
We got your message on the radio, conditions normal and you're coming home

Enola Gay, is mother proud of little boy today
Aha this kiss you give, it's never ever gonna fade away

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Sophistry on a platter. | Reviewer: Mitchell Day | 7/16/13

You're talent for double-talk and cliche is remarkable. Truth whether you like it or not is discernable. We DO know who started WWII. We know that there was NO provocation directed against Japan by the Chinese, Koreans, Philippinos or the Americans. If Japan wanted access to natural resources all they had to do was engage in trade like they have been doing since the end of the war to their great benefit! The only reason you say that "the winners write the history" is because you haven't read enough of it to know what an idiotic statement that is! You can make the argument you do because you evade the DETAILS! If we had let the Japanese call an end to the war on their terms they would still be in Korea, China, the Philippines, Singapore and Burma. And how many MORE innocent people would have died as a result of their racist imperialism? You mention that a nation will start a war from a lack of compassion. But you don't give an example of that regarding Japan. Is your idea of compassion handing over all of Asia to them? Yes there is much lying in war and for various reasons. But if the Allies war aims were a lie then please make the case. Give me proof or at least evidence. Don't just make a statement with no back-up. By the way, Spoon, using your own "logic" how do we know YOUR not lying? That this whole prose-feast for lotus eaters is not just an attempt at moral equivalence by a crypto-fascist who in his heart really supports Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito?
In conclusion, yes, war and the use of weapons of mass destruction are baaaaad. But so is mendacious numb-skullery served up as Pacem in Terris!

War and the use of wepons of mas distruction is bad. | Reviewer: Spoon | 3/21/13

War is the outcome of extreme politics. There is no way of ever knowing who 'started' it and how 'justified' it was not unless you are the politician who ordered the first attack, and in that case you would feel justified because you had been provoked into it and there is no anther way of dealing with the situation.

No one can know the 'truth' partly because it is all politics anyway and partly because the victors are the ones who get to write (and right) the history but mostly because there is no truth in war, there is lies and propaganda and death and winners and losers but there is very little truth to be told.

Yes as the winners of WWII how could we face our self's dropping two 'weapons of mass destruction' to end the war and save countless lives if we could not convince our self's this is was what had to happen. And I'm not saying it was not what had to happen. I don't know what would have happened in the alternative universe where the bombs where not dropped or they where dropped somewhere else by someone else. I like to think things would have been worse for humanity if it had not happened but I don't know, however of course, like most people I like to think that the right thing eventually happens. Perhaps if we had let the Japanese call and end to the war on their terms there would have been no more wars in Asia last century and we would not be facing a crazy North Korean who wants to rule the world.

The thing about war is that is seems sometimes to be a necessary evil given the barbarism and greed the human race is still pron to.

If war is something you would like to see ended then practice piece, respect and compassion. When a group of people get so angry they feel they need to destroy the rest of the world perhaps it is because they have not been treated compassionately. One insane leader alone cannot start a war, there is something systemically very wrong in the community that supports it to the extent of them being willing to risk all for the hope of winning a war.

Unfortunately it seems that the people in power think they need to blow things up to prove their power. Imagine if all the armies of the world where turned into soldier of peace to bring aid and help instead of death and torment.

Motivations/Results. | Reviewer: Mitchell Day | 9/11/11

First off let me congratulate you on a post noticeably lacking in anti-American hostility.Your heart is in the right place. That being said you get a couple of things wrong. First off stopping the Soviets from taking over half of Japan played no SIGNIFICANT part in the decision to use the bomb. That contention is an ideological artifact of left-wing (Marxist? Stalinist?)anti-American cold war revisionism. Granted you make the point that that's a POSITIVE motivation unlike the revisionists. The only person who made the case AT THE TIME that stopping the Soviets was imperative was James F. Byrnes who was Trumans Secretary of State. But he wasn't appointed until July 3rd 1945. The first test of the bomb was on July 16 and the first use of the bomb took place on August 6th. So he really didn't have time to make the impact that the cold war revisionist give him credit for. The discussions regarding the use of the bomb were already under way even before Truman became President. Next is the issue of WHEN the Soviets started their offensive aganst the Empire of Japan. That wasn't until AFTER the droppng of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. As a matter of fact Stalin moved up the time table of the offensive by a week so he could (he hoped) play some part in post war Japan. As you point out lucky for Japan that he didn't get his wish. I consider my remarks to be a minor criticism of an otherwise very useful post on your part. Thanks again.

Wow! | Reviewer: Franklin | 8/9/11

I am amazed at how much controversy this song stirs after 30 years. let's not take this out of context. This song was written at the hieght of the Cold War when the Soviets and the US had nuclear weapons pointed at every living thing on the planet! We all waited in fear to be blasted to atoms. The song is relevant because it illuminates the paranoia we all lived with. That being said there are quite a lot of inaccuracies regarding these posts. first, understand that the Japanese NEVER intended a surrender. NEVER! Admiral Yamamoto's own letters and diaries note this fact and he states that the Japanese command structure knew in early 1944 that the American campaiign was relentless and that Japan would not survive the the tide of men and equipment. There was another reason for the dropping of the two bombs that no one has yet mentioned. at the time the Americn ground invasion was moving into place, the Soviets were advancing island to island down the Japanese chain from the mainland and were planning their own invasion separate from the other Allies. Their intentions were clear; to occupy the islans of Japan and absorb them into the Soviet Empire the same way they were absorbing most of Eastern Eurppe. Bombing Japan killed two birds with one stone (so to speak). It ended Japan's will to fight and also stopped the Soviet advance dead in it's tracks. In a way the Japanese were in fact saved from the rape, murder, and sensless butchery that Eastern Europe suffered at the hands of the Soviets.Some of you are shaking your heads right now and saying that never happened. Well, you weren't there! Some Americans are Eastern Europeans who escaped communism at great personal risk and are not easily swayed by the words of college professors with political agendas... they lead the cattle astray and quickly down the chutes to slaughter. do not believe it because I say so, or worse, because a proffesor told you so; read the words of those who were there and then form your own opinions. The two bombs were unfortunate but unfortuntely necessary as even the Japanese Emperor has stated... right after he stated that Japan would have done the same thing if their bomb program had been ready first.

Appalling Fascist Collaborators! | Reviewer: MITCHELL DAY | 7/9/11

O.k. Tehina here goes,
I'm assuming that by "the second good action" you are referencing the Nagasaki nuclear attack. That only happened because the Fascist Empire of Japan refused to surrender after being defeated in a mass murdering war of aggression that THEY started. Funny how YOU just skip over that little fact. You talk about us fighting about for OUR freedom as if that's a crime. Well the Fascists certainly objected to US resisting their genocidal "utopian" ideology! I'm not going to apologize for resisting their tyranny I'll leave that to ideological collaborators like YOURSELF! Next, you seem to think that the efforts of the Allied powers in World War II resulted only in a better life for themselves but what would the lives of the Polynesians been like had the Fascist Empire of Japan won the war and you had been subjected to THEIR tender mercies. It is indeed a tragedy that your father was killed as a result of French bureaucratic incompetence and scientific negligence but what makes you think Polynesians are the ONLY ones? AMERICANS have been killed as a result of nuclear testing carried out by incompetent bureaucrats and negligent scientists! BUT...THEY...ARE...THE...EXCEPTIONS!!!!! NOT the standard operating procedures of the governments of those two great Republics. How MANY people people were killed in these lamentable experiments? Thousands? At most! As compared to the MILLIONS that were INTENTIONALLY killed as a matter of standard policy by the Fascist powers! Do you REALLY believe there is a moral equivalence?!?! Ridiculous!!!! Finally it's important to point out that America had NO nuclear bomb program until AFTER we found out that the Fascist powers had them. You're review is just another attempt by morally blind Fascist Collaborators to disarm (ideologically and militarily)the democratic nations of the world and subject them to the tyranny of Fascist hatred....and YOURS!!!!!
P.S. Tehina if you wish to debate what's going on in Arizona please FEEL FREE. But be EXPLICIT in your criticism and don't just make some VAGUE reference that nobody can make an argument against. That's just cowardly!

Appalling American Idiots... | Reviewer: Tehina | 6/7/11

Is this one more congress of 'American Idiots'? First, even if The Nagasaki bomb is not the apparent subject here, Xerxes forgets to talk about the second 'good action' the US did there: just showing muscles and some 80,000 died (a handful of US were among them). Xerxes has perhaps poor knowledge of history. Just go to the library and check out the reasons why this is indeed a crime against humanity.
Then, one one side are 'Anonymous (8/6/10)', The History Man, Max plus me — on the other one: Anonymous, MITCHELL DAY, Rob, and some other anonymous. They too should measure what they write. You're still singing that old song about Freedom ets., that is — YOURS. Forget about the rest of the world. Then, 'international FASCISM' sounds to me like other songs I heard these years in... the US (wanna bet bet about Arizona's governor etc, part of the Reps since Obama's election, all that which is allowed in the name of freedom etc etc?). I should keep on writing, developing, give arguments and examples, be less simplistic. But it would be unproductive.

From a Polynesia girl (whose father died of nuclear tests in French Polynesia, because he's been confident tha the French said the truth about nuke's inocuity. But the US had Bikini — another Pacific colony, ill-named TRUST Territory of the Pacific Islands).

Like the song, but the lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/11

Thank God it was America that dropped the bomb. Germany, Russia, or Japan would have kept on dropping them until they ruled the world.

Enola Gay, it's good you left home yesterday.
Aha words can't describe the numbers of those that would have otherwise died.

War On - War Off... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/10

Great song - yadda, yadda. Woo-Hoo... you guys... really? Wow. I love how some people will totally ignore the savagery and barbarism of the Japanese military. HOW 'BOUT the hundreds of thousands of civilians which THEY enslaved, raped, tortured and executed all over the Pacific? Aw, but it wasn't all at once and with one bomb. No, wait - it wasn't... AMERICA doing it. There we go. 'Kay, so we were PUSHED into a terrible decision BY the empire of Japan and no-one else. And GUESS WHAT - George W. Bush was ELEVEN MONTHS OLD at the time. Tsk - too bad, that. Here's the clincher - the ultimate finishing move every time this comes up: PEARL HARBOR. As Mr. Miagi says "No can defense!"

Slap-downs, cack-handed.........and otherwise. | Reviewer: MITCHELL DAY | 8/22/10

I just had to respond to the comments by "Anonymous".First off the statement about making distinctions between civilian and military casualties and to justify the former to prevent the latter being a dangerous path to all-out war seems.....odd. Aren't we talking about an event that took place in WORLD WAR II? That was an all-out war wasn't it? Now who started that war? Germany, Japan and Italy? Could those demonic tyrannies really have achieved such a lamentable record of mass slaughter without the full cooperation of their "civilian" populations? Apparently you are rapturously unaware of what a fully mobilized war-time economy entails.Also in one of my previous posts I mention the tens of thousands of Japanese CIVILIANS who would have died EVERY MONTH if we had not ended the war when we did why does that escape your notice (not to mention the civilians of the Fascist occupied countries!)? Is that an example of "subltety"? You also mention Vietnam but not as some lame attack on the U.S. Well then why not mention the Red Chinese invasion and continued occupation of Tibet or the Italian invasion of Ethiopia or the Soviet invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia? Oh well I guess nuance and context are not so easy to achieve after all eh? Also a little personal history. My father joined the U.S. Marine Corp at the age of SIXTEEN to fight in W.W.II. He fought on Guam and Iwo Jima islands at the age of seventeen and didn't have his eighteenth birthday until the day after they declared Iwo Jima secure(he would bear the mental scars of that experience for the rest of his life). My father and his fellow Marines immeditely began training for the invasion of Japan proper via the Island of Kyushu. The senior NCO's were telling my father and his comrades, all in their teens and twenties, not to expect to come out alive. Which means me, my brother and his three CHILDREN (civilians all)would not be here! Now,Anonymous, would you consider that fact black, white or grey? Also my father would go on to serve a year of occupation duty in China after W.W.II where he would be sniped at by Communist terrorists while he and his fellow Marines were stringing telephone and electical wire into the back- country.The U.S. did not use the Atomic Bomb in that conflict and the Communists won. Sixty years later fifty million Chinese CIVILIANS are dead at the hands of those totalitarian necrophiles.
P.S. I would be curious to know if anyone who reads this and my other posts really believes them to be "inept,clumsy or backwards".

Let's try some grey with this black and white | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/10

I think the debate should make a distinction between civilian and military casualties.
To equate the two (and even more, to justify the former in preventing the latter) is a dangerous path to all-out war.

The Vietnam example seems to me to come from a laudable concern with the lives of one's countrymen, rather than any feel for a justifiable foreign policy.

Before someone attempts a cack-handed slap-down, I intend the above not as some lame attack on the U.S., the allies, nukes or whatever, more an attempt to introduce some subtlety into the debate. (Subtlety on the interwebs! What a dreamer!)

I get it, it's war, it involves killing people, least-worse decisions and honest errors as well as occasional heroism and the defeat of tyrants.

@ >> The History Man | Reviewer: Rob | 7/19/10

@ The History Man

You should learn to think before your mouth speaks. Saying the Japanese were preparing to surrender is not only a slap in the face to those who made sacrifice fighting the war but an absolute lie! Either that or you should brush up on some non-tree hugging (unbiased) history. Japan wasn't the Japan you know today! Sure their a peace loving, environmentally friendly society now, but that wasn't always the case. Japan was a proud militant society that rivaled none. It was called "Bushido" -- translation: way of the warrior. All Japanese believed in this philosophical idea and that it was their destiny to rule all of Asia. Exactly what do you think they were doing having conquered pretty much all of the pacific as well as most of south/east Asia, China, Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Spreading peace, democracy, a message of love threw genocide? But I digress.

Having never lost a war, the Japanese prided themselves with their military accomplishments and honored those ancestors who made the ultimate sacrifice by fighting to the death, which was looked upon as if it were the most honorable sacrifice that one could make; this was their national belief -- this was their religion! So you see, bombing Hiroshima was absolutely necessary to bring an end to the war. Nagasaki, however, is still debatable. However, only a weapon of unimaginable might and undefeatable odds would've made them consider defeat, which, I might add, they had never done before... so why would they then?

According to the Japanese themselves, Japan had no known intentions of surrendering during the war. To suggest such would contradict their entire history and belief system.

The History Man correction. | Reviewer: MITCHELL DAY | 7/3/10

Sorry History Man but the dropping of the bombs DID save hundreds of thousands of lives! First off the Japanese had threatened to kill all 200,000 allied POW's in their custody if there was an invasion of the Home Islands! Second as we now know without the immediate end of the war the Japanese people would have started to die from starvation by the tens of thousands every month! Next we now know that the Japanese had a numerical superiority in forces on Kyushu Island where the American invasion was to take place. And as anybody with even a RUDIMENTARY knowledge of military tactics could tell you that would have been a DISASTER for the invading American forces.Invading forces need AT LEAST a 3 to 1 advantage. The reality on the ground on Kyushu would have resulted in MASSIVE American casualties if not the outright defeat of the invasion! Next the documents of which you speak HAVE NOT been around for a mere "couple of years" but DECADES! And as far as ignoring the requests for "surrender" that was because the Empire of Japan was demanding that the Emperor stay on the Throne with his autocratic power intact, the military be allowed to remain UNDER ARMS(!), and the Government of Japan be responsible for any war crimes trials!!!!! OUTRAGEOUS!And, History Man, as far as the "staggering brutality" of the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan lets confront what the JAPANESE did in the mass murdering Fascist war of agression that THEY started! For instance the murdering of approximately 100,000 allied pow's during the war through starvation, untreated disease and slave labor. The murder of approximately 3,000,000 Chinese during their occupation of that country from 1937 to 1945 including 300,000 murdered and 30,000 raped in the city of Nanking in SIX WEEKS! The tens of thousands of Korean women subjected sexual slavery! The mass murder of approximately 100,000 Filipinos! The list goes on but I'm too disheartened to continue with it. The point is ,History Man, live up to your nickname and get your facts straight! P.S.- For the rest of you out there consider this: Six days after the dropping of the second atomic bomb, seven days after the declaring of war against Japan by the Soviet Union and nine days after the dropping of the first atomic bomb the Emperor of Japan decided to surrender but before he could announce "the unendurable" there was an attempted military coup to oust Hirohito and continue the war to the bitter end! It failed. In no small part because of the final FIRE bombing raid of the war by the U.S. Air Force.Peace out!

Lyrics correction? | Reviewer: John B. | 4/15/10

I think the lyrics published as "conditions normal" are incorrect. I believe the correct lyrics are "conditions novel" and I think that refers to the (coded) message the Col. Tibbets was to radio back to HQ if the atomic bomb detonated as it was planned to do; i.e., a nuclear explosion. There was no guarantee that they would successfully return from their mission and so they needed to radio back status ASAP.

Enola Gay correction | Reviewer: The History Man | 3/31/10

Enola Gay

Sorry but the reviewer above is quite wrong and needs to do his/her research. The bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki did NOT save a huge number of lives by bringing the war to a swift end. Documents released a couple of years ago clearly show that the Japanese government weas attempting to surrender weeks before the bombs were dropped. Their requests were ignored because the US wanted to flex its muscle and show the Russians what they were capable of. It was an act of quite staggering barbarity, but quite in keeping with the policies of the US throughout the 20th century.

One bomb, but saved many American young lives | Reviewer: Xerxes | 3/11/10

Well one bomb dropped killed 100,000 but perhaps prevented an estimate of 300,000 deaths of which some 100,000 would of been American soldiers' lives in the long run. It's easy to condemn, but actually that was a humanitarian act believe it or not. For it prevented more lives from being killed in a long tug-o-war fight that we saw in Vietnam. Should they have dropped the big one in Vietnam too? Most definitely in retrospect.

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