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Kat Deluna Enjoy Saying Goodbye Lyrics

Last updated: 10/09/2007 12:00:00 PM

You keep on telling me what to do
Baby, baby, baby, boo
Im saying im saying goodbye

Give me a moment
Give me a minute to look in your eyes
I know you know it
You getta kick out of making me cry

Think u cute when im fly
Like I can't get another guy
You got nerves to sit and laugh
Like this is gonna really last


No more hurt, no more lies, no, no, not this time
Enough with your lies,
I believe in this love but you cross this line,
I'll enjoy saying goodbye.

Don't try to phone me
Don't try to reason theres no second try, oh no...
See I told u
I be the only one left with a smile

Though it was cute look at you
Now you should meet the other guy
Thanks to you and only you
Now how it feels in the other side?


One minute you had the best of me,
I was so sad you wouldn't believe,
Now you wanna know his name
Im in love what ashame and ohh its too late...

[chorus 2x]

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
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