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Undun Endless Lyrics

Last updated: 05/10/2005 11:00:00 AM

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Looking out on a barren wasteland
Searching for some piece of me
I'm frozen in this shallow quicksand
Slowly drowning in ecstasy
Everything comes in focus
And the seasons changing
The icy breath of winter freezes rain
Bringing death to all around me
Still, I'm cradling the pain

Sometimes I'm lonely,. and I can't tell whats real
They say they need me, but that's not how I feel
What the say, and what they mean, they really aren't the same
I won't be trapped inside this, endless game

Some days it just seems
The sun may set for the last time
Surrounded by these broken dying dreams
This moment taken, left behind

Fallen angel scabbed and bruised
These broken wings have failed you
Fallen angel scabbed and bruised
This freedom has misled you
Fallen angel scabbed and bruised
These shackles have enslaved you
Fallen angel scabbed and bruised
Your trapped inside this endless game

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