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Here I am
Here I am

Bright and clear
Its what I am
I have

Mother (x4)

With violence
Right here

Go to hell
Here I am
Right here


No mass (x4)

Is what I am
Go to hell
Go to jail
In back of that
Here I am
Take a chance


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Very Powerful | Reviewer: Layne Cobain | 7/28/14

The recording on Nevermind is recorded without they really recording a song. they were jammin and Butch Vig just keep recording in case something was very good. As they progressed Kurt got more and more angry and that we hear in the song. Butch Vig told in an interview that he saw the frustration building up in Kurt and when the ended the song Kurt throwed his guitar and walked out of the studio. and the the other members and Butch looked at eachother and had no words for the intense session

Premonition of your own fate | Reviewer: Heilel | 12/5/13

Thats it, I think Kurt already know about your own death or how I will say: sacrifice. And this is your way to confess something in code about the misterious background of music.

YUP | Reviewer: Sy | 5/1/13

i was born in 86, nirvana has been my fave band since i first heard them in 91, i can still remember my best friends older sister sayin "hey listen to this band" and playing me In Bloom and it just blew my mind and ive been addicted to nirvana ever since, its my favourite band and will be untill i die, and endless nameless is an amazing secret song that i love as much as i love myself and kurt is my hero and idol for my whole life...... THANK YOU SO MUCH KURT COBAIN AND U WILL BE FOREVER REMEMBERED AS THE GREATEST SONGWRITER OF YOU'RE TIME AND MY LIFE.

Still brilliant | Reviewer: Sammy | 4/16/13

So its nearly the end of April in 2013, and i am still in love with this song, i just cant explain how much i love listening to it, nevermind is my favourite album. I was only born in 1997 so i wasnt alive when my favourite band was around, but ive been a huge huge fan for years, and a massive fan of Kurts. I wish he was still alive. Endless, nameless is one of my favourites aswell as Drain you, On a plain, Something in the way and Polly.

Love Nirvana | Reviewer: Evil Mike from F-61 | 12/7/12

I own all of their albums and recently bought the With the lights out box set and came across some really awesome stuff I have never heard before. I go through phases with their albums and currently incesticide is my favorite. Being a left handed guitarist like Kurt and fronting my band F-61, I learned several songs by Nirvana to pay tribute such as Oh the guilt, Curmudgeon, Beeswax, Breed and a few others. Thank God Kurt was here for however short it was and gave us such awesome raw powerful music.

Endless,Nameless | Reviewer: Lloyd Frayne(Daze Wasted) | 12/9/10

It's Very Hard to understand what Kurt is Saying on this one... He is basically Yelling About Death and Violence and then Quiet and Silence it's a wicked Sound i wouldnt call it a Full Song but some type of "Nevermind" on-core I Love It.. I met Kurt Cobain

NIRVANA IS ENDLESS !!!! | Reviewer: NirvanaDrummer1995 | 11/23/10

Nirvana is Endless!!!!
Nirvana is the best band i've ever listenned songs from, and when i was "exploring" this band by listenning every song i just got more and more excited, their song are just soo freaking beautifull, and this includes the heaviest ones like this one or Tourette's, and also thos old songs from incesticide, which very few people like...I LOVE THEM
By listenning to those songs i just get happy somehow
And Chad Channing and later Dave Grohl were the drummers that got me into Drumming myself, so Nirvana is just part of my life =D
All the Best for all the NIRVANA fans out there like myself !!!!

different | Reviewer: nonymoose | 8/22/09

I love that this song is totally different from the rest of the album, its a lot heavier and very unexpected and thats what makes it so good! im glad this song hadn't been explioted and overplayed like the mojority of their other work.

Damn...I'm sorry ma'am | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/08

At the part that reads "Death, With Violence, Excitement, Right Here" it sounds to me like he says "Damn, I'm violent, I'm sorry ma'am, I am."

the endless search | Reviewer: marcus | 1/2/08

this song is the shit. i used to have the nevermind album with the hidden track, until some stupid ass stole it. i havent heard 'endless, nameless' in years. i have the box set with the radio version, but i really wish i could hear the version on the nevermind album. only a limited number of copies had the hidden track and i cannot find one. does anybody have it?

awsum | Reviewer: tony | 12/7/07

this is a very good song but i think at alot of the parts the lyrics are wrong. yes it is hard 2 understand but at some parts some of the lyrics sound nothing lyk wat hes really saying

agree | Reviewer: Noname | 8/16/07

I agree with you... It's totally impossible to understand what he sais... But I'm like it so much, an d I love Nirvana and Kurt Cobain too!

THANKS!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/07

Thanks for the lyrics! It's nearly impossible to understand Kurt in this one...

-Zac, Sault Ste. Marie, MI

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